How Technology Can Help You In Choosing Color Combination While Painting Home?

You like the rooms with a touch of color, but you do not finish deciding on one tone or another … Warm or cold? Intense or discreet?  For more detail about the color combination of your home take the help of painting services Melbourne.

These Keys will Help you Choose What Color to Paint your Home.

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The Dimensions Decide

 If the room is small, it is best to choose colors not too intense. And better cold than warm. The ideal wall to paint color? The one with the windows to let the light hit the white ones.

Where is Room Oriented?

If it is oriented to the north, you will receive little natural light, so the idea is to paint that wall with warm and pale colors. But if it faces south, you can opt for colder.

How Much Light does it Reach?

 It is key to choose the color. If you have sun for many hours a day, you can choose darker colors but if only light comes in, it is better to opt for softer tones.

And What Artificial Light will it Have?

 We always talk about natural light, but artificial light is key, especially in winter. Keep in mind that cold LEDs reduce the vividness of colors; Warm LEDs accentuate that warmth and halogens provide a white light that enhances colors.

What is Your Decorative Style?

If your style is Nordic or contemporary, you will have more cold and neutral tones (blue or gray, for example). If you are more classic, neutral throwing warm (sand is an option). If you are vintage, intense (mint green, pink, ocher …).

At each room, it’s color


An example: painting a studio is not the same as a bedroom. For the first case, it is best to choose stimulating tones (intense green or mustard, for example) and for the second, more relaxing tones (blue, gray or soft green).

The Type of Paint Matters

 Water plastic is the most used. If you prefer organic paint, the finish often has a touch of chalk paint. To go fast, choose monolayer paint.

Bright or matte?

The finish is important. If the wall you want to paint is perfectly smooth, you can choose bright paint. Otherwise, better mate, so you hide the defects.

Furniture will you have?

Keep them in mind when choosing the color of that wall because everything has to be in harmony.  Make sure about the color of furniture before choosing the color of your room wall.


And of course, before staying with a specific color, make several samples and look at them at different times of the day and with artificial light. You will just decide.

And now we are going to go a little further in the application of color because you can choose to paint only one wall or paint a wall and the elements that you support on it. In fact, space will seem wider if you unify, with the same color, doors, moldings, skirting boards, closet fronts … even picture frames.

What If You also Paint the Ceiling?

If you choose the same color for a wall and ceiling, you will make the dimensions of the space remain undefined, which will also appear larger if the color is not very intense.

Look for a bond between color and decoration that justifies your choice: the upholstery of an armchair, the tones of a painting…

Make sure about what you choose, combining white and other colors you will be able to attract the eyes and raise the decorative level of the room.

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