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Tips on Choosing Running Tights

If you are thinking of becoming a more serious runner you likely know you need to invest some time and money into some decent running shoes. But what you might not have thought too much about is the running tights you use. Here are some tips on what to think about when choosing great running tights.

Why choose running tights to run in?

The great thing about running in running tights or leggings is that your activewear does not then distract you as you work out or run. The tights are compressive so there is extraordinarily little drag, compared to lose materials like jogging bottoms that might catch in the wind. Running tights keep the muscles in your legs warmer compared to running shirts and there are not the issues of chafing that you can get with shorts. If you chose right, you could also have moisture-wicking fabrics that help during your workout. There are some things to consider with tights though and one of those things is the right underwear under leggings.

Looking at underwear options to wear under running tights

To avoid issues such as visible panty line, shifting underwear, and discomfort that can affect your workout you should think about what underwear is best for you. Regular underwear works if your running tights have a heavy patterning as that hides the line they leave. Laser-cut underwear is another option as they have a nice smooth look and are made thinner, so they do not leave a visible presence. They are also made with moisture-wicking technology so keep you dryer.

Boy shorts work because the line falls under the butt, so they do not leave a line visible through the running leggings. They are breathable, stretchy, and comfortable too. Then lastly in the options for underwear under leggings are thongs. This is a personal choice, some people would not be comfortable working out in a thong, but if you find them easy to wear, you know they do not leave a VIP.

Trying on running tights, what to look for

When it comes to running tights, you want the fit to be tight of course! But you do not want them to be so restrictive that they are not comfortable. You should have flexibility and a complete range of movement. Make sure the seam runs down comfortably and that it is not going to irritate as you run. Avoid anything too long as that would become a distraction. Do a squat test in them before you buy to make sure you have enough coverage, and that the waistband is high enough. Wear your choice of underwear under leggings you are checking out to see how they look.

Features to look for

Some other useful features are;

  1. Reflectivity – You want to be visible when you are out running especially if you run at night.
  2. Key pocket with zipper – You can carry your essentials securely without worrying they have fallen out.
  3. Rubber grips – These stop the tights from moving up and down the leg as you run.
  4. Think about the waistband – There are all kinds of waistbands so experiment. Spandex for example will give you some support, but some runners prefer having a drawstring that allows them to change the tightness.
  5. Think about the local weather – If you run when it is very cold get tights that have insulated material.

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