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Outback tour in Australia – Three of the best tours for the first-timer

The outback tours Australia is the best when it comes to capturing the essence of the country. There are several choices available for a visitor. But, in the following sections, we have listed the three best Australian outback tours that you can go for to experience nature, hiking trails and the wildlife.

The outback tours offer up a lot of specialties to the visitors. For the photography enthusiast, this is your chance to capture the endless vistas and stretches of the open land and skies. You also get the opportunity to share in the stories of the native Aborigines.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at the three most popular Australian outback tours that you can go for.

Red Centre

The Red Centre outback is well and truly the heartland of Australia. It is not just the spiritual centre but also one of the most popular outback tours. So, you need to book your tickets early. You can enjoy the desert landscapes and the red soils of the Uluru, Kings Canyon and the Kata Tjuta.  Experience the subtle nuances of the relationship between animal and plant life at the red centre outback. You can even meet the traditional Anangu people who have been around for over 30,000 years.

tour in Australia
tour in Australia

Go for 4WD adventure at the Mt. Conner

The Mt. Conner 4WD adventure is the ride of a lifetime for all the visitors who want to experience an extended Australian outback. This is a multi-day tour where you get to travel the open expanses in the company of the iconic bush birds, raptors, Kangaroos and Thorny Devils. Most of the fauna you will experience at the Mt. Conner 4WD adventure are iconic and unique to the country. The tour starts at Alice Springs and ends at the Uluru. You can marvel at the sandstone rock walls of the impressive King’s Canyon. Take the necessary safety measures while doing a rim walk along the canyon. The canyon walls are over 300 meters in height and make for a genuinely humbling yet beautiful experience. As before, you need to book early since the area is teeming with visitors during the peak seasons.

The Arkaba

If you are still looking for more, you have the Arkaba outback. This is further down the south and makes for a truly wild experience. The Arkaba is surrounded all around by the Flinders Ranges and is perfectly sculpted. There are deep gorges and abundant wildlife to experience and explore. You can go for home-stays instead of high-priced accommodation. The Arkaba is all about the geological and cultural history, and there are remains of Aboriginal rock art which makes for an impressive photo album. The Arkaba outback is one of the exciting spots to hit on your outback leg of Australia. You can encounter Macropods, bush birds and parrots around the water pockets in and around the Arkaba outback.

Plan your itinerary well and in advance, since the outback tours are quite popular. Experience Australia like never before through outback adventures.

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