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Know Thoroughly About Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is simply a pool fence that is made primarily out of toughened glass panels that are held in place using special clamps or posts that are made from aluminium or stainless steel. Most commonly it comes in semi-frameless or fully frameless options and it is incredibly popular because of its clean, contemporary beauty and the way it does not inhibit views.  Glass pool fencing looks fantastic and it does not obstruct your view in the slightest. It is completely transparent.  This means that you can supervise the kids easily from outside the pool area, and you can enjoy the pool area with no bars to get in your way.  Glass pool fencing is also incredibly easy to maintain.

Types of Glass Pool Fencing

  • Frameless Glass Pool Fences: This approach to glass pool fencing could be considered as the most elegant and inconspicuous option. The frameless glass pool fences are installed without a frame making to give them a subtle and non-invasive look. Frameless glass fences look more elegant, since there is no frame acting as an obstruction for the views. They are so elegant and flawless that people may bump into them. If you have children playing around, perhaps you might want to consider the safety issue of having a glass fence that is way too transparent.
  • Tempered Glass Pool Fences: These fences are well-designed and durable. Toughened glass is clear and will effortlessly become a part of your pool area aesthetics, without compromising on looks and space. Toughened glass is prized for its outstanding properties. It is much long-lasting than traditional pool glass and is a safer option because it does not shatter into dangerously sharp spikes and splinters if it breaks. In case of rupture it will crumble into harmless granules.
  • Semi-frameless glass pool fences: Semi-frameless fences are a great compromise between the most traditional framed glass pool fencing and the most elegant frameless glass fencing. In this case, the frame is minimized to cover one specific area of the glass. Glass panels are attached to durable aluminium posts, which are generally embedded solidly into the ground around the pool to secure the fence. Semi-Frameless uses 10mm glass while Frameless uses 12mm.

Who Installs Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing should only be installed by a reputable installer. This is important as correct installation is necessary for the fencing to meet all the standards and to ensure that your local council will approve the fencing.  Reputable installers will also be able to install the fence quickly and easily, allowing you to fill and use your pool faster.

What Surfaces Can Glass Pool Fencing be installed on?

Glass pool fencing can be installed on a surprising range of surfaces.  Concrete and tiles are the most common – all you need to do is drill holes through the concrete and tile, and then use a special cement-based grout to securely fix the fence posts in place.  You can also install the pool fencing in garden beds and lawns easily, using concrete pads and then doing the same as you would for installation into concrete.

So, what is the best option for you? It is totally up to your own taste and needs. In some environments, semi-frameless fences might be a more appropriate choice. This is true if you are concerned with safety issues and have children who might bump into the more seamless frameless glass fence. On the other hand, frameless glass pool fences are equally durable, and they are often considered aesthetically more beautiful and pleasing, due to the absence of aluminium frames. The frameless glass fences offer an even, subtle look, which might be perfect if you are looking to give some protection to your pool area, without compromising your original aesthetic vision for your backyard.

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