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4 Tips to prepare your Car Before the summer starts

Buying a vehicle and taking good care while driving is not the only duty you have towards your vehicle. Timely maintenance and getting car service are also really important tasks to adhere to make it run smoothly. At the end of the day, your car is a machine and if you don’t keep your car maintained then there will be chances that you will have a lot of hassle in your hands at the most inappropriate times.

Every season has its own quirks. However, winters and summers are the two most important seasons when you have to pay a little more attention to your car maintenance. Summers is one season that requires more attention, as a lot of car essentials get a direct impact of the heat.

Here are some basic tips which we know yet forget; to follow before the season knocks on our doors.

  1. Tires: You might not be a car service expert; however, you might know that every temperature asks for a different kind of tire pressure. Meaning, during summers the temperature outside will be too high and roads, will pot boil throughout the day and if your car tires are not properly inflated (do not have proper air pressure), they can explode because of the excessive friction. During winters tire the pressure needs to be a little less.
  2. Brakes: One should not wait till summers to check their brakes’ fluid or pads. It is something which should be checked during all your car service appointments and maybe sometimes randomly as well. The strange noises, while you apply brakes, show that the brake pads are worn out or damaged and can cause a real major issue. In case of fluids you need to check the levels as well as the color of the fluid, if it’s black instead of brown then the time to change it is here.
  3. Lights: Winters means fog and fog leave those tiny water droplets on the lights which can cause rusting and can also cause harm to the lights in itself. Hence, before the weather gets warm and enhances the process of rusting, clear the lights. Normally it is not a DIY project so checking with the car service company might be a good choice.
  4. Engine Overheating: Another common problem faced in summers is the overheating of the car engine. So, before the season starts check the coolant level along with all the necessary parts. Additionally, if during the summer season if you see the danger signs like blowing of warning lights, rise in the temperature gauge, steam coming out of the hood, etc. then the best action is to safely park your car in the side lane. After parking the vehicle allow it to cool down for half-an-hour or so and, then open the hood and check coolant levels.
Car Service
Car Service

Here are some bonus tips to follow during summer weather:

  • Keep your car emergency kit handy as the chances of car breakdowns are higher in summers due to one of the many reasons.
  • Keep your car service provider’s number saved as well. One can never be too cautious when it comes to your vehicle and life.
  • Summers bring heat which eventually leads to a unique stench in the car. Always place a car freshener in the AC vent. It will keep the car refreshing and sweet smelling all the time.

Wrapping it up:  Keeping your car maintained properly throughout the year should always be on your priority list. Getting timely car service sessions along with being aware of the smallest things in your car can keep you and your car run for longer distances.

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