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The Necessity Of Ingrown Toenail Clinic And The Severity Of This Condition

A person gets an ingrown toenail when one of the edges or corners of the nail begins to grow into the skin next to the nail. It is not a very severe case and can be treated very easily. Most people like to visit in order to avoid the painful procedure or any chance of risk that might occur if home remedies are applied. It can happen to both women and men.

There are several things that can lead to ingrown toenail:

  1. Wearing uncomfortable or tight foot wears
  2. Any kind of toenail injury
  3. Poor posture can also cause toenail injury
  4. Unhygienic practice when it comes to toenails
  5. Not trimming toenails at regular intervals
  6. Trimming toenails incorrectly
  7. Genetic Predisposition
  8. Fungal Infections

When Should A Person Visit Ingrown Toenail Clinic?


After effects of Ingrown toenail includes, swelling, pain, redness and chances of further toe related injury. To prevent such pain, it must be taken care of as soon as it is spotted. There are ingrown toenail clinic that help in removal of such toenails to avoid any kind of injury that may make the condition even more serious. There are some early signs of ingrown toenails and the patient must contact the ingrown toenail clinic as soon as they begin to spot them.

  1. In the early stages, the toe ending might start to redden and swell.
  2. Gradually extra tissue and skin grows around the edge of the nail.
  3. Once this tissue formation begins, drainage of yellow pus is imminent
  4. It does not mean that there is infection but the body’s way of indicating a nail trauma.
  5. If there is infection, the swelling will worsen and the skin might turn red.
  6. This is when a person might start to develop fever but this rarely happens and is very unusual.

The treatment procedure that takes place at the ingrown toenail clinic depends on the size and extent of the condition.

Ingrown Toenail Clinic
Ingrown Toenail Clinic
  1. If the ingrown nail is not very big then the doctor carefully lifts the nail and uses some kind of split or floss in order to separate it from the skin.
  2. In the case when the ingrown toenail has become severe, the doctor might trim or completely remove it. This procedure can cause pain and is usually done under local anaesthetic where the toe is numbed.
  3. If ingrown nail grows again in the same place after the first treatment, then the doctor might suggest that the tissue that is under the nail must be removed. It is done using laser or chemical method and prevents that particular area of the nail from growing back.

Making an Appointment with an Ingrown Toenail Clinic

There are several toenail clinics with podiatrist who specialize in such cases. Their treatment procedure is quicker and less painful in comparison to the treatment that can be done at home. A simple diagnosis can help in eliminating the pain very quickly.

It is very important that the patient ask the doctor certain questions about their condition. This helps in clearing any kind of doubt and the extent of the treatment.

  1. It is very important to ask the doctor about the longevity of the condition
  2. The different options that are available in their cases
  3. The positive and negative points of the treatment procedure
  4. The expected result after the procedure
  5. Understanding on whether the treatment is necessary or can it heal naturally
  6. The different types of routine related to nail care

The clinic might also ask certain questions such as when the patient realized about the symptoms and the duration. Other medical history and family medical history might also be asked. It is best to be prepared with every detail before visiting an ingrown toenail clinic.

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