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Is Laminate Flooring Worthy?

Laminate Flooring is the most attractive ground flooring available in today’s world and is the most loved with home or office buyers. Robust, adaptable, and beautiful, this type of flooring comes in stylish structures that make it suitable for any type of room in house or offices. However, laminate flooring is certainly not the best choice for a room that tends to get wet or tends to used heavily, including restrooms and pantries. Because of such contradicting views, it is hard to choose whether this is the best ground flooring.

Let’s find out the worthiness and much more 


Laminate Flooring

  1. Simple to Install: Laminate Flooring is simple to install and lightweight can be placed over concrete or tile flooring. It can also be evacuated or dismantled on an existing floor without much hassle. The overlaid floorboards can be fixed rapidly because they join to one another with an interlocking framework. Also, if you are planning to move your house, the whole ground flooring can be expertly disassembled and reassembled at your new house.
  2. Natural Look: Laminate flooring comes in different colors that recreate natural wood, for example, oak, walnut, mahogany, etc. Each part of the floor is of reliable quality and color, in contrast to natural wood. Numerous brands have introduced textured cover floors that mimic the vibe and presence of genuine wood.
  3. High Resilience: Not only composite laminate material of overlay flooring is hard-wood, but the topmost layer of the laminate flooring also gives scratch resistance properties. The top covering of overlay sections of flooring will endure high movements, animal claws, and naughty children. A color property implies the shade of your floors is likely to blur in a longer duration.
  4. Cost-Effective: Mostly everyone loves laminate flooring because of its cost-effectiveness. Since laminate flooring is made from composite wood squeezed together at high temperatures, it’s significantly cheaper than timber, which can be very costly, relying upon which type of wood you select.
  5. Anywhere Installation: Laminate ground surface can be installed anyplace, in areas where the establishment of genuine wood isn’t a choice. It can be easily installed over plywood, concrete, and vinyl.
  6. Moisture Resistant: Laminate flooring suitable for the inside rooms and entrance zones. The HDF core property on the floor materials is ideal for moisture resistant at interior floors of homes. Though may not be suitable for external floorings of decks or basements.
  7. Scratch Resistant: The flooring can resist all kinds of scratches that may be due to any reason. Best floors for pets at home.


Laminate Flooring

  1. Not Repairable: The primary disadvantage of a laminate floor is that if the floor gets damaged it can’t be revamped, or fixed like regular wood. With consistent use and cleaning, the top layer may gradually fade and get damaged. Remember that if there is an occurrence of damage, the individual piece should be supplanted or, if there is an occurrence of boundless spoiling, the whole floor must be replaced.
  2. Not Resalable: For mortgage holders who intend to sell their homes, laminate flooring isn’t the best option. This is because it is just synthetic. Potential purchasers will go for hardwood floors on account of its appearance and quality. 

It is true that laminate flooring can not be durable as wood but the other features have increased the demand for this flooring.


Laminate flooring is still a popular option for mortgage holders due to its establishment cost and maintenance. Be that as it may, there are additionally drawbacks of utilizing this laminate surface material. At last, the choice relies upon the individual inclination of the property holder.

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