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Briefly Information About Different Types Of Mulch And Wholesale Mulch Suppliers

Wholesale Mulch suppliers are a boon for those who wish to preserve their garden and save it from the menace of weeds. Mulch is a material which is spread over the surface of the soil or around a plant as protection. If the soil is considered a ‘cake’, mulch is the ‘icing’. This mulching helps in the maintenance of grounds around your home.

Different Types Of Mulch

  1. Leaves are also a type of mulch supplied by the wholesale mulch suppliers. These have been raked in annual flower beds and in vegetable gardens. Before supplying this mulch, the supplier ensures that these are shred. Mulch needs to be used in perennial flower beds but only after the ground is frozen. Any premature application leads to smothering of the leaves.
  1. Organic matter is one of the best mulch varieties as this is broken down into humus. This has the ability to hold on to water. Mulch, on its own, has the ability to hold on to water and lets it infiltrate into the soil gradually.
  1. You find the wholesale mulch suppliers even offering hay and straw as mulch. Though this type might not be pleasing to the eye, they do their job well. s. As these tend to break down easily, they need to be applied many times in a year.
  1. A living mulch, which is plants are perfect as mulch. This living mulch is a plant cover which is dense over the soil. Having the soil covered by plants can help the crops achieve the set goals. These tend to send out hormones which can prevent weeds from growing.

Benefits Of Mulching

Wholesale Mulch Suppliers
Wholesale Mulch Suppliers

With the help of the wholesale mulch suppliers, your garden can benefit in more ways than one.

Control of Soil Temperature

Mulch works as the insulating factor for the soil. This means the ground temperature tends to change slowly. In summer or spring, this covering of the mulch by the wholesale mulch suppliers can keep the ground cooler. This can absorb some of the heat of the sun. In winter, this layer of mulch, as it retains heat, can provide the required warmth to the soil.

Retention of Moisture

Moisture plays an important role in the growth of plants. As compared to uncovered dirt, mulch can keep the soil moist for a longer period of time. The material used as mulch absorbs moisture from irrigation and also the rain and tends to slow down the process of evaporation in the soil. This water retention can eliminate the need for irrigation on a frequent basis. The water consumption can be brought down. Erosion also slows down with mulch.

Soil Nutrients

Organic materials used as mulch from the wholesale mulch suppliers tend to break down with the passage of time. The mulch which is decomposing adds organic matter which is rich in nutrients to the soil. These nutrients can feed the organisms and plants living in the area. The material which is decomposed can improve the soil structure by adding some space between the particles in the soil.

Suppression of Weeds

A layer of mulch can suppress weed growth in the planting beds or the garden. This can prevent the sunlight from reaching the weeds which are germinating to prevent growth. When the seeds of weeds land on the mulch they are unable to get deep into the soil.

Wholesale mulch suppliers can advise and guide you on the type of mulch which works well for the ground around your home. You can conduct an online search for the suppliers.

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