Maintenance Tips For Pick and Carry Cranes

Maintenance of equipment’s are of three types:

  • Preventive Maintenance Inspections – These are to identify risks and opportunities to improve the function.
  • Routine Maintenance – These are to undertake adjusting and lubricating relevant parts and checking if the parts are functioning correctly.
  • Compliance Inspection – These are to ensure project location specific regulatory requirements are being met.

The pick and carry crane are usually an equipment that contains pulleys and cables, which are used to move huge loads from one place to the other. Cranes are normally used in the construction industry and in industries to shift heavy materials. The different types of maintenance tips for these cranes will help you to ensure the longevity of the equipment and also ensure safety of the personnel and other staff who are engaged in close proximity to the crane operation site.

Cranes, like other machinery have mechanical and electrical parts that need to be maintained.

Maintenance Services for Electrical System include:

  • Replacement of motor slip rings and carbon brushes.
  • Refurbishment of panel and replacement of worm out parts such as contactors.
  • Cleaning of panels and resistance boxes.
  • Replacement of damaged cables and cable dressing.
  • Replacement of current collector/ shoe.
  • Setting of overload relays.
  • Setting of limit switches.
Pick and Carry Cranes
Pick and Carry Cranes

Maintenance Services for Mechanical System include:

  • Checking of Crane Span, Diagonal.
  • LT & CT Wheel Verticality & Skew
  • Wear and deformation of wheel flanges.
  • Inspection of Hook
  • Inspection of Wire Rope.
  • Inspection of Gearboxes.
  • Inspection of Couplings.
  • Inspection of Drive alignment.
  • Inspection of condition of Brake and Brake Drum.
  • Inspection of condition of Cables and load bearing structures.
  • Inspection of alignment and level difference of trolley rails

Make sure operating instructions are followed.

A lot of the times these pick and carry cranes are not maintained properly because of which some of its parts would not operate correctly.  . These cranes are used often because they can be moved from one place to the other. Construction workers prefer to use these cranes because they are used temporarily at a location and then is moved out. Usually, cranes are mounted on trucks to help pull the crane over rough terrains and also for maneuverability during operation. Ensure that the outriggers are fitted well at the base of the vehicle and this ensures that the vehicle is stable. Else the crane can topple.

Make sure it is used for the right purpose

There are different kinds of pick and carry crane available and you should ensure that each one of them is used only for the intended purpose. If not, it cause damage to the equipment and/or lead to accidents. So for example if you are looking for industrial cranes, then they are ideally suited for rough terrains too. Ensure that they are mounted on a heavy-duty vehicle. A heavy-duty vehicle is used as a mount because of the rough conditions. .

Don’t exceed capacity

Another important aspect of pick and carry crane is to not exceed the overall weight or capacity of the crane. Often, a lot of people tend to put more strain on the cranes and this would mean that the capacity extension is eventually going to take a toll on your crane. So make sure that the overall limit is maintained too. This also applies for cranes that can move at high speeds. It has a larger number of wheels when compared to a regular vehicle and provides good stability to the overall weight of the crane.

Hire an expert

Hire an expert and ensure that the pick & carry crane are regularly checked. There are different parts inside the cranes – some have a large tube, which in turn contains a large number of tubes fitted inside the big tube. These tubes stretch outward with the help of a mechanism that is hydraulic. These are the parts that are most prone to damage. These parts have to be inspected and replaced routinely and not wait for an accident or serious damage to happen to force you to replace parts.

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