Different Types of Back Pain Treatment That Provide Relief to Patients

Back pain is a common physical problem for many people; mainly those who need to sit or stand in a particular position for a long time. This pain may be caused due to stiffened muscles, damaged nerves or ligaments, fractured bones, or any blood infection. Affected people should visit their doctors for relief and undergo necessary measures for the cure. However, there are some effective ways of back pain treatment, which can provide fast relief from this painful situation. Doctors recommend X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and blood tests to diagnose the exact reason for back pain.

Effective Ways of Back Pain Treatment for All Patients

#1. Pain-relieving medicines: There are some over-the-counter medicines that are known as temporary pain-relievers for people suffering from acute back pain. These non-steroidal medicines (NSAIDS), like Ibuprofen and Naproxen, have anti-inflammatory properties and should be taken only after consulting a doctor. These drugs may cause some adverse side effects for some people and thus, may not be suitable for their back pain treatment. Moreover, doctors may prescribe some muscle relaxing medications, for reducing the pain in back muscles. Antidepressant drugs, like Amitriptyline may be prescribed at times in limited doses to combat the mental effects of some pain-relieving medicines.

#2. Massages with pain-relievers: Several pain-relieving ointments or creams are available in the medicine shops, which can be massaged gently over the affected areas. Regular massages of the skin over the backbone can help in regaining the mobility of stiffened back muscles. The best effects of this back pain treatment can be obtained if done by a trained and experienced massager. However, it may take 6 months to 1 year for getting complete relief from chronic back pain through such regular massages.

#3. Physiotherapy: Physical therapy is known to be the most effective back pain treatment, which has no harmful side effects. An expert physiotherapist should be hired for providing various pain-relieving techniques, like heat or cold compressions, electric stimulations, and ultrasound therapy. He will assess the present condition of the patient and their medical records, to decide the aerobic and stretching exercises and therapies that will be most useful for them. He also teaches the correct postures to minimize the back pain. Regular physiotherapy is very useful in restoring the lost flexibility and strength of back muscles. Moderate electric pulses are used to stimulate the nerves passing through the back, to stop carrying the pain signals.

#4. Meditation: A yoga specialist can teach meditation and other relaxing techniques, which may help in reducing mental irritation and restlessness caused due to back pain. Yoga postures are also effective in giving some relief from the back pain. Moreover, the patient learns to shift the patient’s focus from the pain, which is a reliever fact.

#5. Proper diet: The diet of a patient suffering from back pain should be free of saturated fats, oils, and sugars. Hence, they should avoid too much fried and sugary foods, to maintain optimum levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. Moreover, he/she should avoid processed and junk foods, to prevent obesity. The regular intake of healthy wholegrain cereals, fruits, and vegetables can be a part of back pain treatment, which will increase the physical energy and improve health.

The patients suffering back pain should have sufficient sleep at night, at the right sleeping posture. A person should lay on his/her side, putting a pillow between the knees for keeping the spine steady. He/she should give up the habit of smoking, as nicotine is known to aggravate back pain. If all these treatment options fail to give relief to a patient, then he/she may be given injections at the spinal cord for faster recovery. Ultimately, surgery may be the ultimate back pain treatment if everything else fails to cure a patient.

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