Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes Vaporizers for a Better Experience

Glass pipes Vaporizer can be the suitable discrete or portable vaporizer that you were looking for so long. Due to its tiny size, it is easy to carry. Also, its less complicated usage guide has made Glass pipes Vaporizer gain a lot of popularity. Though it is a little delicate and should be handled with a little care, one won’t face any severe challenges while cleaning it.

Why Glass Pipes?

Introduced by ancient Romans, glass pipes came to popularity in around the 1960s. There are many reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of glass pipes. Glass pipes offer a pure and unsullied smoke. To get the maximum of the flavour, glass pipes have proven themselves as the most effective ones. Just like other pipes, glass pipes also get dirty, but the good news is that it is really easy to clean and the compactness makes it handy and easy to carry. In addition to the usage benefits, glass pipes also come in different unique artistic looks. It is considered as a super cool asset.

Different Types of Glass pipes Vaporizer

There are different types of Glass pipes Vaporizer available in the market. Here is a list with detailed information on the glass pipes Vaporiser.


It basically looks like a glass pipe with a bowl attached to it for the packing of the smoke material. Another design of chillums, the one-hitter comes with a carrying case, called dugout that contains a bowl of herbs. Chillum is the smallest kind of Glass pipes Vaporizer and is easy to carry.

Steam Rollers

Steam rollers consist of a mouthpiece, a chamber, and a bowl piece. It is just like hitting a dry bong. Designed for experienced lungs, these are for high hit and considered as advanced chillums. It should be purchased only when you have the knowledge for it.

Spoon Pipes

It is one of the most popular kinds of glass pipes, which is well rounded from every angle. Spoon pipes have an artistic look and some of them also changes colour after lighting up the plant material. It is also designed with carbs in order to maintain the airflow. A length of four to five inches makes this glass pipe super portable.

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes are also known as Gandalf pipes and come with different artistic variations. With the large bowl with a beautifully curved stem, these pipes have carburettors. A special screen is attached to it in order to prevent the herbs from being sucked into the section of the mouthpiece. Available in different glass size and types, Sherlock pipes helps you get great pull control.


Bongs offer the larger hits than any other glass pipes in the list and also give smoother as well. Since the beginning, bongs are the most popular ones with water filtration. It will be perfect for maximizing the ratio of product-to-smoke.


If you are looking for a filtered and smoother hit, bubblers are best to use. In order to remove unwanted materials such as tar and filter the herb, it uses water. Usually smaller than bongs, this is designed with such carburettors which allow more controlled hits than bongs.

One can choose any of them as per the requirements. With plenty of options, it becomes a little difficult to choose the proper one, though by going through the above details, you can find out what you are looking for. First, you will have to understand your need and then relying on them. Choose a particular product, which supports most of the requirements. You may have ample knowledge if you are habituated with all these, but if you are a newbie choose a product carefully. You also can check for several reviews on different products, which will help you to figure out your required type.

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