Stucco: For Long Lasting and Strong Walls

It is a Portland Cement Plaster and lime-based product. Traditional stucco contains lime, sand and water whereas modern ones contain Portland cement, sand and water.  Although it is mainly used for exterior or outer surface, it is useable for interior area too.  They are very hard and long lasting and can be used over all kinds of surface. They do not get damaged quickly and thus, require low maintenance. It is used on concrete wall systems.

There is a difference between normal plaster and stucco. Sometimes fiberglass is added with it to make the wall stronger and these fiberglass acts as a supporter. It absorbs the color and is also fire resistant. It is soft when it is spread on a surface and becomes hard when dries up. It gives you different textures and finishes. You can give your house a unique outlook and make it of your own choice and style. Like, you can give your place a smooth texture as well as a different designing structure, of your wish.  The incorrect way of applying it may lead to serious problems like holes and cracks. It is done either manually or by machine. It is also a low- cost service and hence, best left to be installed by experts.

Step that needs to be followed while applying a perfect stucco:

  • First is  to clear the wall by removing paintings, proper measure should to make the surface clean. Filling the cracks and holes wherever present. Then one needs to choose a paint of their choice for covering the blemishes. Next is to add cool water in it, so that now painting becomes easy.
  • Some paint is taken on a piece of plywood according to the desired texture and applied onto the wall, either by a roller or a paintbrush.
  • This step is not compulsory. The scratch coat can be applied using a trowel.
  • Application of the second coat (levelling coat). It will take about 7 to 10 days to make the coat dry. The coat at this time period.
  • Now the final coat should be applied. Any new texture can be created. Remember to mix more water with the paint at this last stage.

Things to remember when you’re getting Stucco

  • Applying stucco is not an easy task.  Any wrong process or incorrect material can cause damage to the walls. It will not last long if it is not applied in a correct process. People, who live in wet climate places, will have to repair it at short time periods. Repairing is very expensive, as there are many layers. This process also consumes time. Labor costs are very high as well.
  • They are not good for wet climate places. Water can seep into the walls. So the moisture may damage the walls.
  • It is a very rigid material, which may lead to crack. Water and dust may cause stains, which doesn’t look good. Repairing is frequently needed.
  • Before applying it, the wall should be heated properly at correct temperature (40-45 degree Celsius). The wall should be protected from any kind of outer force.

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