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Suits Weddings – A Complete Guide for Grooms

On Planning Perfect Wedding Suits for Men

Men’s suits weddings require a lot of planning. If your big day is approaching fast, it’s high time to plan your suit. First and first, it is important to start planning your suit well in advance. This post serves as a complete guide for would-be grooms. A wedding suit needs to be true to the personality of the groom. And not just a perfect fit in terms of measurements or sizing.

Wedding Suits for Men

When it comes to tailoring a suit, fabric, style, fit, and fashion matter. Bespoke tailors look at every detail with a keen eye for perfection. Perhaps because this is the suit that the groom would be cherishing lifelong. The big day calls for a showstopper suit. The groom has to shine in the sea of kin and guests. Whether it’s an evening wedding or a morning wedding, this guide is sure to help you.

How To Plan a Suit for An Evening Wedding

wedding suit

Evening weddings are quite popular nowadays. And we have excellent wedding suit ideas for an evening wedding. Any wedding suit is made to suit the kind of event the couple wants to have. It can be strictly formal or less formal or informal. And not all evening weddings need to be ultra formal.

  1. Formal Wedding Suits

For formal weddings, black tailcoats and white waistcoats would work. Use a shirt with a wing collar and a white bowtie. Or you may also go for a white tux. Formal weddings are generally held at very prestigious places like cathedrals. It is always good to inform your guests about the event. You would not want to see your guests dress casually when you are in an ultra-formal wedding suit. Choose experienced suit shops for your formal wedding suit or tux or tailcoat.

  1. Less Formal Weddings

When evening weddings are semi-formal, for black-tie attire. You can choose a black tuxedo with a white shirt and a black waistcoat. Pair it with a black bowtie. For less formal evening summer weddings, a white dinner jacket works. But the most popular choice is a black-tie outfit as it looks classic. Since it is a semi-formal affair, you can bring forward your own styling. You can add colors to your waistcoat and cummerbund. But if you want to go for a standard semi-formal look with an evening wedding, go for a navy suit. And we recommend getting a custom-tailored suit for black-tie weddings. This is also a great way to use tailored suits again whenever you need to.

  1. Informal Weddings Attire

In informal evening weddings, the guests are not to follow any dress codes. And the groom can also wear what he loves. A regular wedding suit is the best for such weddings. This simply means you can go for vibrant wedding suits Adelaide tailors do offer. The groom can wear a grey suit or any other lighter shade. However, modern grooms today take a lot of liberty with the suit colors. But we recommend a custom-tailored suit in a lighter shade with a white shirt and a simple tie.

Plan Your Wedding Suits for A Day Wedding

day wedding

The first thing to keep in mind is not to wear tailcoats and tuxedos for day weddings. To be specific, never wear these outfits before 6 P.M. However, if you still wish to look lavish for your daytime wedding, go for a formal morning suit. Morning coats or cutaway coat is great for day weddings. These coats are mostly black with grey trousers. You may also choose a gray cutaway jacket with a white shirt and a gray waistcoat. You may also go for a double-breasted or a single-breasted suit. Add elegant accessories like pocket squares and cuff links to shine.

If your bride is in an elegant gown with or without a veil, go for a traditional wedding suit. However, if your bride wears a voguish dress, you can go for a linen suit. Make sure you get your suit tailored. It is always best to discuss your outfit with your bride. Because both should be coordinating with each other. In short, if your bride is going for a trendy wedding dress Adelaide, the groom’s suit should be tailored accordingly.

When You Should Start Planning Your Wedding Suit

The process of planning the wedding suit should start in 3 to 4 months. As you discuss and approach the tailor, the time will fly fast. Also, you will need to find the right bespoke tailor. Discuss the turnaround time properly with the tailor. Always keep room for trial and adjustments. Hence, start early to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Here is a quick list to discuss with your bespoke tailors-

  • Type of suit
  • Time and venue of the wedding
  • Your bride’s attire
  • Groomsmen’s attire
  • Styling details
  • Turnaround time
  • Trial and adjustments
  • Cost of the suit
  • Payment schedules

Though there are several options, bespoke menswear tailors are the best for any groom. Because no groom can afford to look awkward in an ill-fitted suit. Hire reputed suits weddings tailors in Adelaide. As said before in this post, every couple should discuss what they would be wearing on their big day. Their outfits should synchronize in terms of style and elegance. A certain level of harmony is a must.

Custom Tailored Suits | Important Fashion Tips to Follow

Custom Tailored Suits

Before you start planning your custom tailored suits Adelaide, here are some crucial tips.

  1. Your suit or tuxedo should be right for the formality level of your wedding. If you want to the most formal evening wedding, wear a black tailcoat.
  2. Remember your wedding is the first stage where you will be seen as a couple. Make sure your suit or tux coordinates with your bride’s outfit. If your bride is wearing a dazzling gown, you need to choose something luxurious.
  3. Plan your wedding day outfits jointly to avoid awkwardness. Consult reputed wedding dress Adelaide makers to create perfect harmonization.
  4. Your wedding suit should be made out to fit your body type. A double-breasted suit will add bulk to a narrow body frame. If you are short and want to look taller, go for a three-button suit. Also, keep the button stance low.
  5. For taller and slimmer body types, most suits look good. But choose a suit that fits perfectly. It should neither be tight nor saggy.
  6. No matter how well-dressed the people at your wedding are, your accessories can make you stand apart. Use elegant and unique boutonniere or bow tie or cuff links.
  7. Make sure your suit is coordinated with that of your groomsmen. Hence get your groomsmen attire tailored at the same shop.
  8. Also, try to create a cohesive look with all the men at your wedding party. This will add a wonderful seamless look to your wedding.
  9. We reiterate, start planning your wedding suit 3-4 months before your wedding date.
  10. Discuss the time, venue, and formality level of your wedding with your bespoke tailors.

At any wedding, all the eyes are on the couple. The bride is decked up gorgeously and hence the groom should look his best. Hence, invest good time in planning your wedding suit. Consider every facet of the suit including the accessories. Spend some time online researching the current fads. Or get professional consultation at your tailor store. The stylists will provide you with the finest tips for your wedding suit.

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