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Qualified Hair Dressers and Career options

A qualification for hair dressing seems apt for those who enjoy styling hair and also meeting different people. Hair dressers are able to cut, shape and color the client’s hair giving them a look they so desire. You have the choice of training as a hair dresser in a college either part-time or full-time. You can work as a trainee to get the required experience and confidence. Along with the styling skills and the facial shape, you must also learn about the structure of hair and how to cut different strands according to a certain length and face structure.

Working with the hair dressing qualifications

Once you have the required hair dressing qualifications you could work as a junior hair dresser. The work involved with this post includes

  1. Greeting the customers
  2. Shampooing the hair of the customers
  3. Cutting which is considered simple
  4. making sure the supplies and towels required are ready to use
  5. being able to keep the salon dry and clean.

A senior hair dresser talks and finds out how the clients need their hair to be styled and cut and also suggest and advise on the different styles which can suit them.

The work of a senior hair dresser:

Cutting and styling along with cleaning the hair with shampoo and applying conditioner to soften the hair. The course also consists of ways to straighten, perm and streak the hair. If any client suffers from scalp problem, then you can treat that with the help of natural products which are given as part of hair dressing qualifications. Handling of payments and also making appointments, ordering of the materials and making sure how you include the products in the market are also taught by the hair dressing qualifications.

Time spent as a hair dresser

Normally a hair dresser works up to 40 hours in a week, that is, between 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This includes Saturdays with a weekly off. You have the option of choosing to work on a part-time basis in any salon or work as a freelancer by visiting customers in their houses.

Qualifications for Hairdressing

You can qualify from local colleges or even private institutions offering these courses. The qualifications can include related courses if you have opted for these, like beauty, nails and makeup.

Development and Training

Once you have started working as a hair dresser you should be able to keep up with the new trends, products and techniques. You do find manufacturers running short-term courses with connection to their products on hair care. You can also think of training in techniques which are more advanced like bridal hairstyling, coloring, wigs, extensions and creative hair designing. You can think of developing your career by choosing higher qualification in this hair dressing. These higher qualifications are able to incorporate specialist skills with the training required in the management of a salon.

Choosing the right qualifications

You need be aware that to become a hair dresser you are required to have the apt qualifications along with an experience which can be counted. Each state has a different set of regulations on the qualifications required for a hair dresser. There are many states which do not require any formal qualifications while others need a completion of a certain level with an appropriate apprenticeship. You have courses who can qualify those who wish to obtain a flair for hair styling which works as an advantage.

Hair dressing is a career which can help you meet different people and make new friends with regular clients besides making the feel and look good. You can consider this a glamorous career.

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