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All You Need to Know About Jib Cranes

The usage of jib cranes is one of the most essential and important needs in all kinds of factories to increase its effectiveness and efficiency. It’s a huge investment that you make when you buy a jib crane, therefore; one requires having the sufficient knowledge about jib cranes and about the various flexibility of their configurations to better suit the needs and purpose of the buyer, to save effort and time and to ensure it is a wise and profitable investment. Jib cranes come is a variety of formations to suit the various purpose needs. Jib cranes multiply the workflow production. The various sorts of cranes available include the free standing jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, tie rod jib crane, and floor mounted jib crane. Each of these serves their own specific sets of functions and properties.

Know About the Various Types of Jib Cranes

Let’s delve into the various jib cranes available to suit or to cater to various needs.

  • The Free Standing Jib Crane– This type of jib crane is essentially used as a temporary installation or when the standard jib crane is insufficient to serve the purpose. They are best used for heavy activity and high productivity applications and have the capacity to lift up to five tons. On special orders, they can also be equipped to have the capacity to lift or move load of up to fifteen tons of weight. This jib crane has a standard beam and they allow an entire 360 degree rotation.
  • The Mast Type Jib Crane– This sort of jib crane is a low-cost alternative when the 360 degree rotation is required without the mounting on any constant foundation. They are available in two basic and distinctive designs called the full cantilever and the drop cantilever. They can support up to five tons of weight and they support special spans and heights as their features.
  • The Wall Mounted Jib Crane– The wall mounted jib crane is used for purposes that require up to 200-degree rotation. They are fairly economical and have the standard capability to lift up to five tons of weight. They are not equipped to have special and longer spans and capacities on orders. Therefore, they are used for basic and normal regular purposes in the factories.
  • The Work Station Jib Crane– This sort of jib crane is used when one needs to handle lighter weights. Its standard capacity is thousand pounds’ maximum and requires high productivity application. They use a beam type of enclosed track and have the standard span of 4 to 16 inches.

Considerations and Factors Before Selecting

Not every jib crane is manufactured the same way and for the same purpose. In order to carefully ensure the best installation of jib cranes, one should very well inspect and research the various models and available. They should know about the radius covered by each jib crane, the ease of installation and portability, the standard capacity and the special feature capabilities for each jib cranes. They are all made to suit various purposes, therefore. To purchase a jib crane, one should give enough thought on the various purposes he would be using the crane for.

Consider the following factors:

  • The extent, percentage and type of capacity and structural support available.
  • The relative comparison price of each jib crane and the installation cost.
  • The average overall height and the height of boom available.
  • The power consumption of current, electricity and alike.
  • The features and distinctive characteristics of each jib crane.


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