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Things To Consider When You Buy Air Conditioners

Buying a central air conditioner for your house isn’t something that homeowners do every day, so when the time comes to select a new one, the choices can be confusing. Technology has advanced tremendously in the past decade, making central air conditioners more efficient while also giving you more choices than ever before. Here are some considerations when purchasing a new central air conditioning system.

Types of Systems

Split-systems have a compressor installed on the outside along with one or more indoor air outlets to cool one or more rooms up to a 60-square-metre area. The outdoor unit, usually installed on the wall outside of the space you want to cool, houses parts like the compressor, expansion and condenser coils. The indoor portion has the cooling coil, a blower, and an air filter. Split systems are different from other air conditioning systems as they do not use ductwork, making them more energy efficient and kinder to the environment.

Air Conditioners

Systems with inverter technology vary the speed of the compressor whilst maintaining a set temperature within a narrow range. The variable frequency drive in these systems provides for increased efficiency when compared to tradition central air units. Extended parts life and elimination of sharp load fluctuations make these units quieter too.

Reverse-cycle systems, also known as heat pumps, do not cost much more than traditional air conditioning systems and are among the least expensive and most effective ways to heat and cool your home. They produce less carbon dioxide than other types of air conditioning units. These systems pump warm air out of your home in the summer and extract warm air from the environment to heat your home in winter. They are most effective in climates that don’t have extremely cold winters.

Other Desirable Features and Functions

Consider some of these features to get the most out of your air conditioning system:

  • Variable fan speeds on your central air conditioning can also save you money. A high fan mode will cool down your home quickly, while a very low mode will produce less noise
  • Operating modes such as auto, cool, heat, dry and fan only give you flexibility over your indoor air comfort
  • A human presence sensor to detect whether someone is at home so your unit will keep working
  • Sleep mode, which adjusts the temperature gradually to help you sleep more comfortably
  • Adjustable or oscillating louvres that help direct air up or down where it is needed
  • Remote control with large, well-space buttons and an easy-to-ready screen

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