Reasons Why Dental Implants Are Better Than You Think

Dental implants are artificial roots of a tooth, placed in your jawbone, in place of a missing tooth. The top of this root is connected with a custom-made tooth (commonly of Titanium), looking like a natural tooth. These form a permanent part of your bone structure, unlike detachable dentures.

Thinking of Getting A Dental Implant? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Delay in Investing in them.

#1. Enhanced jawline

We cannot guarantee you a Channing Tatum jawline, but definitely a stronger and enhanced one. Dental implants get fitted into your jawbone, which eliminates the extra pressure on the remaining oral fragments, thus preventing bone resorption which causes stunted jawbone growth. Moreover, they promote the growth of bones.

#2. No pain, all gains

If thoughts of visiting the dentist heightens your anxiety levels, know that Dental Implants are a painless procedure. The surrounding area is anesthetized, resulting in minimal discomfort. After surgery, the implanted teeth might feel a wee bit sore for a while, but with medication, it vanishes.

#3. As natural as it can be

Dental implants are designed to feel au naturel. No messy adhesives to deal with, no sensory defaults, no playing the ghost who can pull out his teeth (right, dentures are mean). One can chew and talk and crack hard nuts, just like they would with natural teeth, such that you may even forget you lost any tooth.

#4. Lasts longer than most relationships

A titanium tooth drilled into your jaws cannot just wear off or get detached with normal daily activities. You can even pull a car with them, but we won’t recommend trying that. These implants are fitted into your bones, making it permanent. Consider this a lifelong investment.

#5. Prevents grinding adjacent teeth

Dental Implant is that self-sufficient bee in the hive which doesn’t bother anyone with its existence. The adjacent teeth do not require being disturbed in order to adjust the implant, as it is self-supporting and is custom-made accordingly.

#6. Minimal care

Since dental implants act like your natural teeth, they demand no special care. Use a good toothbrush and floss daily, the way you do your natural teeth and you are good to go!

#7. Hashtag young forever

Loss of teeth equals loss of a structured face. Think about your grandparents – sagging cheeks, sunk-in lips and wrinkles. Dental implants provide the required pressure to your skull and prevent premature sagging of facial muscles.

#8. Maintains good oral hygiene

If you are thinking of getting away with missing teeth, think again. The gap left between two teeth harbors pieces of the food you chew, resulting in cavities, which messes with your oral hygiene. Permanent implants eliminate the impending risk of cavities.

#9. Restores oratory efficiency

Unlike dentures, dental implants do not make you slur as they do not slip away from the desired position. This, in turn, restores your felicity in speech. Consequently, one’s self-esteem gets improved, also saving them from embarrassment.

Point not to miss- However, the underlying cons of dental implants include cost (might cost around 4500 USD per tooth), time (up to nine months of regular visits to your dentist) and difficulty in adjustability to the artificial tooth by facial tissues. It is not advisable for people with a weak jaw structure, or smokers. For some, the foreign object isn’t quite welcomed by the body and may result in infections or swelling; however, the percentage comes to less than 2. It is safe to say that the suitability of dental implants may vary from an individual to another, but make sure that you connect with the right dental surgeon for the implant.

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