Corporate Catering

How to Get the Best Corporate Catering Packages

There are a wide range of reasons why organizations have gatherings and get-togethers. Some of the time you do them for customers, now and then for representatives, and others for an assortment of organization business needs. So, If you are about to hire corporate caterers for your event then you should ensure that you get the right deal and perfect services. Hiring a corporate caterer allows you to get the solid, professional catering services. Don’t hesitate to ask them a few questions and check out some minute details that are often ignored by people in order to avoid confusions. By asking the correct questions toward the starting you can swim through the numerous alternatives out there and discover a right caterer that will meet your requirements.

Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering

Given Below Are a Few Points to Consider to Get The Best Corporate Catering Packages:


  • Size of the event: Be certain that the corporate catering service provider has substantial manpower to provide before you hire them. Note down everything that you need to inform him and tell him if you want any special services to be added in the package. Clearly ask him if he is confident enough to handle the event.
  • Location: To ensure the timely delivery and best corporate catering package that is worth the services the location of the caterer should be near you. Otherwise, they may waste time finding your location or they may get stuck to the garage. Make sure that the corporate catering package provides value-for-money services. Select a caterer who operates near the place of the event to ensure a timely delivery. Otherwise, they may waste your valuable time trying to find the location.
  • Flexibility: The caterers should have the ability to plan and solve any last-minute problems that may come up. The chef should also be swift enough to save the day. Their staff too should be skilled enough to handle any unwanted problems.
  • Reviews: You should ask your friends and colleagues about their service standards or you can check online for reviews by going to their website. All these sources will give you a better idea about their services.
  • Cost: it is very important to check the cost of corporate catering packages before hiring them. You should meet and take quotation from 2-3 caterers before hiring the one who offers the best quote. Ensure that the final cost is inclusive of everything and there should be no hidden charges later.
Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering
  • Certification: They should be certified by the health department and insurance agencies for meeting all the necessary requirements. You should see those certificates in person and if they don’t show it to you then you should consider any other candidate.
  • Method of preparation: You should ask them about the way they will handle the entire event, the way they will cook, whether they will cook at your place or there’s, the way they deliver, from where will they collect the raw material and how will the keep food hot etc.   If they are preparing the food in their kitchen then you must personally check the hygiene of their kitchen.
  • Staff: You should ensure that your corporate catering package includes the staff in proper uniform, and you don’t have to hunt for it elsewhere. You should interview them personally to see their behavior. You should have 2-3 servers on 30 guests over the buffet system. 2-3 people to clear dishes. There should be at least one bartender his assistant and additional bartenders if the gathering in big. If you have a sit-down dinner, then you should have one server on every two to three tables. These are the basic thumb rules related to staff and corporate catering package should provide them.
  • Food tastings: You should not hire the caterer unless the taste of their food is up to the mark. Any professional caterer will provide the test sample without any hesitation; in fact, many caterers will feel proud to do the same.
  • Contract: Every detail that you have discussed with the caterer should be written and signed by both the parties to avoid any confusion later. Such details are important to avoid any untoward incidents later during the event.

To get the best corporate catering packages you must ask your caterer the right questions and also ensure to check each and everything that is mentioned in this article.

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