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Classic and Trendy Mens Leather Shoes

A man’s sense of fashion certainly determines the type of personality he has which is why it is necessary to always have possession of trendy and comfortable shoes. And a pair of men’s leather shoes is always the best option for the ones who mostly hustle in formal clothes. Your shoes are just as important as the unique clothes that you wear. One has the liberty to choose from a range of colors and styles that go with your dress. Believe it or not, a man’s shoe says a lot about the person he might be. Thus, it is self-explanatory why one should be picky about the shoe that he wears. Speaking in terms of fashion, men’s leather shoes are quite on trend across all age groups.

It comes with a unique kind of sophistication and class. But along with looks, good quality leather shoes provide comfort like none other. This rare blend of style and comfort is something one must go for. Also, it isn’t mandatory that leather shoes are paired the best with formals. Men’s leather shoes come in a variety of style ranging from Oxfords to Loafers and Sneakers. Thus, a variety of leather shoes go best with casual clothes as well. You just need to pair your clothes with the right leather shoes to make a remarkable style statement.

Why Leather Shoes For Men?

1. Timeless – Men’s leather shoes have been a signifier of pure elegance and sophistication for a very long time. They are the kind of shoes that can never go out of fashion. Be it a solid dark brown low heel leather shoe or shining black high heeled shoes, they are always going to be an essential footwear to possess.

2. Comfort and style – Good quality leather shoes for men’s are often lightweight and cushioned which is why they are extremely comfortable. And this factor makes it a much-preferred option both for young adults and older people.

3. Breathable and durable – Apart from being the fashionable ones, leather shoes provide breathability. It means that the leather allows the air to be exchanged from outside that keeps the feet cool and prevents them from smelling. Also, genuine leather shoes provide high durability which keeps them in good condition for a long time.

4. Eco-friendly investment – The eco-friendly men’s leather shoes which are made without harmful chemicals are the best option for people with the skin infection and other related issues.

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Types of Men’s Leather Shoes

1. The oxfords – These are the fine close laced shoes characterized by low heels. Some of these have intricate stitches at the bottom. These fine shoes go well with a three-piece suit or a tuxedo.

2. The Derby – These are formal men’s leather shoes with the open lacing system which also go best with a suit.

3. The monk strap – These men’s leather shoes are characterized by buckled straps instead of the laces. These go best with formal clothes that can be worn both during the day and night. These give a sleek shiny look.

4. The loafer – These type of leather shoes are well known for their laceless feature which gives you a relaxed and comfortable look. A pair of loafers goes well with both formal and casual looks.

5. The leather boots – The leather boots are footwear with a different kind of gravity which are both with lace and laceless. They look good with casual as well as formal attire.

6. The sneakers – The sneakers come in a variety of materials, one of which is leather. The leather sneakers are the best option for any casual and semi-casual attire. One can simply wear it in the office or for parties during the weekend for a cool and comfortable look.

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