Sports Injuries: Types And Prevention

A sports injury is a sports-related injury that happens during exercise or sports activity, which includes the muscle system, including the bones and muscles. The most common reasons for sports injuries incorporate accidents, inappropriate movements, inadequate warmup, or performing exercised beyond the current level of strength. Let’s find out information about a few common types of sports related injuries and tips to prevent them.

Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Types Of Sports Injuries

There are many types of sports related injuries, but the most common ones include the following:

  • Sprains

A sprain is a sport injury that causes stretch or tear of a ligament, the pieces of connective tissues that join the end of bones together. Sprains are caused by injury, for example, a fall or hit to the body that takes a joint out of position. In the worst scenario, it may even break the supporting ligaments.

  • Strains

A strain causes a twist, pull, or tear of a muscle or ligament, a cord of tissue connecting muscle to bone. It is an intense, non-contact injury that is caused by overstretching or over-compression of the muscles.

  • Knee injuries

Knee injuries may range from mild to severe. Because of its perplexing structure and weight-bearing limit, the knee is the most commonly injured joint.

  • Swollen Muscles

Swollen muscles are weak and painful, and they are often caused due to an impact or injury. However, in some cases, they may also be caused due to overworking or over-straining.

  • Achilles tendon injuries

Achilles tendon injuries cause stretch, tear, or disturbance to the tendon associating the lower leg muscle to the back of the heel. These sports injuries can be so abrupt and anguishing that they have been known to bring down proficient football players in a stunning way.

  • Fractures

A fracture means there is a break in the bone that can occur from either a fast, one-time injury to the bone or from repeated stress to the bone over time.

  • Dislocations

When the joint of two bones become separated due to some force applied to it, the joint is described as being dislocated.

Sports Injuries Prevention

  • Maintain proper technique

In every sport, there is always a correct way of doing things. Learn the right method to move your body during the sports activity. For example, baseball players should know the proper way to throw.

  • Get the proper equipment

Protective equipment like helmets, shoes and pads are significant for injury prevention. If you start your sports activity without appropriate equipment, then the chances of accident increase significantly.

  • Make sure to rest

Sportspeople of any age need to rest between practices, events and games. An absence of proper rest causes muscle weakness which inclines sportspeople to injury. The most common sports injuries found in youth competitors are overuse injuries caused by excessive sport activities and insufficient rest.

  • Know the importance of warming up

Stretching is a significant prevention method that should become a habit for all athletes before beginning a game or activity. A blend of both static and dynamic stretching during warmups help to loosen the muscles and set them up for play.

  • Recognise injury and get help

If an athlete is having some pain or other issues, then instead of ignoring it, he/she must visit a doctor. The doctor will examine the problem and then suggest proper guidelines to resolve the issue. After curing of injury, take things slowly, and go back gradually to the exercise or your sports activities.

Regardless of whether you are a highly-trained athlete or a weekend warrior, there’s always a chance you could get sports injuries. Tragically, when injuries occur, it tends to be difficult to tell what you’ve twitched or how to treat it. In the first place, you should follow the prevention measures to avoid an injury. Even after using prevention measures, the chances are that you may get an injury in some cases. So, identify the injury and go to a doctor immediately.

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