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Different Types of patio Screens that you can use for your domestic or commercial purposes

Outdoor living seems to be a favourite for most homeowners these days. This experience can be a worthwhile experience only if you ensure your protection from insects ad different bugs and the weather elements, be it the harsh summers r the cold winters. These screens not only benefit you with protection but also enhance the outdoor look of your home. This works out an ideal shelter for you and your family and makes outdoor living a totally different experience.

What are the different types of outdoor patio screens available in the market?

Patio screens
Patio Screens
  • Aluminum Patio Screens: Aluminum patio screens work out a practical option as these tend to be easy for installation. This is because aluminum is one material which is light in weight. Bending the material to the required shape and size is easy and cutting this metal can be easily done with the hand tools available. You can choose between the charcoal, silver and black in these aluminum patio screens. Aluminum is also very easy to clean, and you get the ultimate value for money when you buy aluminum patio screens.
  • Stainless Steel Patio Screens: These screens have gained their popularity due to their high level of resilience. As stainless steel is considered as a strong material, there is no damage done even with a hard impact. These work out resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for places located on the coast or even those with high levels of humidity. With the durability factor of this metal along with long-lasting factor, you find them lasting for years without any major problem.
  • Brass Patio Screens: With a tensile strength on the higher side and the yellowish gold color, brass patio screens are a favored choice for many. This metal being stiff is a little problematic for installing. Before making a choice of this highly durable material you need to know that the color tends to change when exposed to the elements. These screens are considered as ‘high’ maintenance as you need specific maintenance on regular basis.
  • Copper Patio Screens: Copper patio screens are easy to install as copper is one material which is soft. Easy installation is due to the fact that this material has spring-back to the minimum. The color changes gradually with the passing of time. This adds to the beauty of these screens offering a unique look, as they are available in multiple color options.
  • Fiberglass Patio Screens: Glass yarn which is permanent is used to manufacture these screens. Vinyl is coated on these for the required protection. Though delicate, these screens require minimum maintenance. Being cost-effective, these fibre glass screens are available in a wide range of colors.
Patio screens
Patio Screens
  • Benefits of Patio Screens: As mentioned earlier, these patio screens offer multiple benefits to any homeowner.
    • Curb appeal is one factor which is normally overlooked. Opting for the patio screens you are sure of forming ‘great’ first impressions not only on your guests but also your neighbours and passers-by.
    • A Patio screen makes it possible to use the outdoors all the year around. You have different options which make the heating and cooling factor easier. You can place any furniture outdoors without having the tensions of this getting damaged or ruined.

Look for companies which can offer you the different choices so that you are not exposed only to limited options. You can ask around and find reputed companies offering the different patio screens. You have the freedom to compare the prices and also the quality of the screens offered before making a choice.

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