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Men’s Guide To Jeans: What Suits And How To Style?

Jeans are the ultimate essential clothing item, for men and women; a desert island item. They are versatile, stylish, practical and flattering. They come in a plethora of styles and colors and can be worn by anyone, any age, at almost any occasion. Jeans have been worn for over one hundred years, first by cowboys in America, then by soldiers, then by punks, then hippies and mods, and now almost everyone else – men and women. It’s this universality that has resulted in their survival. A good pair of jeans is like a trusty companion, so it’s of vital importance that you know which style suits you best, what’s comfortable, and how exactly you should be styling them. The styles of jeans can seem like a minefield to an untrained eye: between straight cuts and slim fit and Dad jeans etc., it can become confusing. If you need a new pair of jeans but are in search of some guidance, you’re in the right place. Consider this your ultimate cheat sheet: from styles to colors, to fabrics and more, we have you covered.

The 4 Most Common Men’s Jeans Styles

Below are the 4 most common style of men’s jeans – regular/straight, skinny, slim and relaxed/loose. Keep reading to find out what style will suit your style and shape best.

Regular/Straight Leg Jeans

Regular jeans are straight leg jeans that suit everyone. They are perhaps the most classic style of men’s jeans and were a staple in 1950’s America. Regular jeans are generally mid-rise and are straight all the way down the leg. They are straight from the hip, past the knee and fall straight from to the hem with a spacious leg opening. They are not fitted or tapered (i.e. they don’t get skinnier down the leg). To ensure they fit best, don’t buy them too wide, especially if you’re concerned about looking shorter or bigger than you are.   Regular jeans are available in all colors, and the color generally doesn’t compromise their classic look and versatility. For the most wearable style, opt for mid-blue or dark-colored regular jeans, as these can be paired with almost any clothing, and can be styled to suit both casual and formal occasions.


Skinny jeans are a much tighter fit than regular jeans. They are generally tapered (get skinnier at the ankle) and are low or mid-rise. They are slim down the entirety of the leg, gently skimming the skin. They are not, however, tight to the skin, as these would be classed as super or ultra-skinny jeans.   Skinny jeans are best suited on slender and slim frames. They are not recommended for those with larger legs or frames as they won’t flatter but will actually accentuate a stocky shape.   Skinny jeans can be paired with all manner of clothing, but they are generally better worn casually rather than formally. Formal trousers are a little bit looser and smart-looking than skinny or ultra-skinny jeans are.

Slim Jeans  


Slim jeans fall in-between regular/straight leg jeans and skinny jeans. They are neither too tight nor too loose. Like regular jeans, slim jeans are generally mid-rise and are straight from the hip to the knee. However, like skinny jeans, they narrow down the leg. The effect is fitting and sleek and gives a man an elegant silhouette.   Slim jeans are perfect for more formal occasions as they are smart. They suit men with narrower legs more than men with larger legs, and if you don’t like trousers that are too form-fitting you may prefer looser styles. Note: although this style is narrow, it shouldn’t fit too closely to the leg.   All men can rock a slim leg jean, in both formal and casual settings. If your style is more sleek and smart, and maybe you are on the shorter side, this style is best for you. Pair your slim jeans with anything – sweatshirts, t-shirts, classic shirts, blazers and more.  

Loose/Relaxed Jeans  

Loose jeans are, as their name suggests – very loose around the legs. They are relaxed and baggy from the hip to the ankle with plenty of room for movement. Because of this, the loose/relaxed jean style is the most comfortable out of all the styles.   This baggy style is perfect for men who have bigger thighs or a bigger bum as the denim will not skim or hug any areas, and allow freedom of movement. They also suit bigger frames better than regular, slim and skinny styles.

4 Tips For Buying Jeans

Buying jeans can be a very difficult and frustrating task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But, if you ensure you follow the below 4 tips you will buy the perfect pair every time. You will then even be able to skip the shops and buy men’s jeans online!

1. Measure yourself

 In order to buy the right jeans, you need to know your measurements. When buying jeans it’s crucial that you know your hip measurement (inches and centimeters). You should also measure the length of your leg. Be sure measure from the point on your hips where your jeans will likely sit, right down to where the jeans will sit on the ankle. It’s also wise to measure the inside of your leg, too.

2. Consider your shape

 Your body shape, leg shape, and height are all important factors to consider when shopping for jeans. If you have a slender and slim frame, you may prefer skinny or slim-style jeans. If you have a larger frame and bigger thighs, regular/straight leg jeans or relaxed jeans could be best for you.

3. Allow for the denim to relax

 It’s important to note that all denim gives about half a size when worn in. Therefore, if you buy a pair that are a pinch too tight, be sure that they will relax each time you wear them, and will soon become the perfect fitting pair.

4. Consider your wardrobe and day-to-day life

 Jeans are incredibly versatile and are suitable for almost all occasions, with the ability to be dressed up or down. However, you should buy jeans that complement your daily lifestyle and your favorite pieces of clothing, otherwise, you won’t wear them. Stick to mid-blues and black to be safe.

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