Dreamcatcher Tattoos – The ‘Natural’ Tattoos With Mystical Powers

From the name “Dreamcatcher” one can understand its purpose. It catches dreams. However, it will not catch all the dreams. It traps the bad dreams and allows the good dreams to reach the sleeping person. Thus Dreamcatchers protect those who are asleep from bad or evil dreams. The Dreamcatcher is a set of webbed circles and feathers are hung from the base of the circle. This tattoo is a highly personal type of tattoo and the dreamcatcher tattoo symbolism is based on the principle of the Dreamcatcher. The Dreamcatcher tattoos are more popular among women. The Dreamcatcher tattoo is believed to have many mystical powers and as a result they became very popular among women. The Dreamcatcher tattoo is a product of Native American culture and physically it is a woven net provided with shells, gemstones, beads, leather and eagle feathers. The Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning is based on the original Dreamcatcher. Those who wear the Dreamcatcher tattoo are protected from the evil spirits and enabled to get the benefits of the good spirits.

A natural type of tattoo

Women normally prefer Dreamcatcher tattoos of smaller size and they get them inked on their shoulders. These tattoos ensure them an elegant look. Men opt for larger sized Dreamcatcher tattoos either on their upper back or on the upper arm. Realistically speaking, these tattoos prevent occurrence of bad things in one’s life and facilitate good things like prosperity, wisdom and good health. Since Dreamcatcher tattoo is a personal type tattoo, it can be made in numerous designs. One can choose the design according to his or her tastes and preferences. Irrespective of their designs, Dreamcatcher tattoos appear very natural. The professional tattoo artist can help one to choose the best design for Dreamcatcher tattoo. Normally eagle feathers are used in this type of tattoos since eagle is physically and spiritually strong. It is believed that the power of the eagle is passed to the user through the feathers

Designing the Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The Dreamcatcher tattoos originated thousands of years back. Apart from ensuring safety from evil forces, these tattoos represent the hopes for one’s future. Though the Dreamcatcher tattoos are popular the world over, basically they come from the Native American culture. Since diverse materials are used for the base, nets and strings of the Dreamcatcher tattoos, this tattoo can be created in thousands of different designs. The base of the Dreamcatcher tattoo can be of different shapes like circular, tear-shaped or heart-shaped. The hole at the centre of the net is the most significant part of the Dreamcatcher tattoo. The strings can be decorated with beads, feathers or any other soft materials.

Custom Dreamcatcher Tattoos

The Dreamcatcher became a popular symbol at the time of the Pan-Indian movement. The modern tattoo artists offer various methods to modify the Dreamcatcher tattoo according to the personality of the individual user. The traditional Dreamcatchers were made using branches of the Willow tree since it is flexible. Any other tree or material can be used if it can be easily made into the curved shape. Dreamcatcher tattoos can have different shapes also. One can convey the meaning of his or her Dreamcatcher tattoo to others by adding quotes on the tattoo.

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