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What is Strata maintenance? Why we need to do for home / office

For you to understand what exactly the strata maintenance system is, you need to know about few terms related to it such as common elements, limited common elements, and units.

The area all around the main strata building is known as the common element. The cooling and heating equipment as well as the balconies, shutters are known as the limited common elements. Similarly, the occupied spaces by the owners are known as the unit.

Now with this basic information it will be easier for you to gain an idea of strata maintenance.

People can easily create a responsibility matrix to deposit the maintenance to the main corporation. The following process will be able to define the proper way to maintain the strata buildings.

Responsibility matrix for maintenance

Step 1:  The residents need to accumulate all the necessary documents for official usage. You need to be careful about the authenticity of the papers because the strata manager is going to verify the same

Step 2:  After that, you need to consult with an assistant to avoid any kinds of legal issues.

Step 3:  All the strata building members need to sit together to make a list of areas that need to be repaired or replaced urgently.

Step 4: The strata members will add the remarks to explain the reason behind the damages of the affected areas accurately so that the officers understand the situation properly.

Step 5:  After that, recheck all the documents and remarks by discussing with all the strata building members.

Step 6: Next, the responsibility matrix will be distributed among all the residents. Thus, they will get to know the exact responsibility and duties of their own easily.

After the task of submitting the responsibility matrix, the strata maintenance authority can now take effective actions to solve the issues. The duties which are usually done by Strata maintenance management are mentioned below.

  • Emergency lighting maintenance.
  • Set up a fire alarm.
  • Monthly inspection of the parking area.
  • Lock system replacement if needed.
  • Inspect the gas and plumbing safety on a regular basis.
  • Stone or grass cleaning.
  • Inspect the overall property condition at least once a year.

The maintenance and repairing procedure will go through few steps. 

Strata maintenance process

 At first, the maintenance and repair manager will create a to-do list to complete the task of strata maintenance with accuracy.

  • The state council will approve the needful funding for the task.
  • Then they will inspect the actual reason behind the damages or who is responsible for the damages.
  • They will select highly skilled expert contractors to repair the buildings and surroundings areas properly so that you do not have to worry about them for at least 5-6 years.
  • They will make a set of plans to organize the work to make it an easy task and to save time and money. They will divide the bigger team into small teams to complete the task of Strata maintenance in a short time.
  • At the time of repairing or replacing, the officers will inspect the quality of the work on a regular basis and will also Discuss with the owner each step.


This is how the strata management perform the duty of strata maintenance and repair with the help of expert workers. Not only the bigger strata corporation but also the smaller ones need a better-quality maintenance system through a routine repair and maintenance work. This is how each resident can easily gain an idea of their responsibilities towards the strata maintenance with some importance responsibility and duties. Ask to expert for doing strata maintenance activity at your home and office.

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