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A Brief Guide on Concrete Planter Boxes

Do you love gardening? Then you perhaps you are aware of the importance of the planter boxes in beautifying the garden. Further, the planter boxes are becoming a vital part of home interior decoration where various decorative plants are plated to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can find them in different colours and style which can instantly amp up the look of your place.  Well, the aesthetics are just one part of it, you must also consider the size of the planter and the material from which it is made. Both of these factors impact the growth of the plant. One of the conventional and most popular choice for planters is concrete. Concrete planter boxes are highly durable and versatile. In this blog, we will be exploring concrete planter boxes.

There are diverse types of planter boxes available in the market and each of these boxes differs from one another based on the material used for manufacture. The materials that are used to prepare the boxes include wood, metal, terracotta resin, plastic etc. Apart from those the Concrete Planter Boxes are also prevalently used for gardening. Let’s get an idea about the Concrete Planter Boxes:

What are the Concrete Planter Boxes?

The Concrete Planter Boxes are closely associated with the concept of container gardening. This trend has recently evolved because of the space limitation, people cannot have a huge garden, in such a scenario having planters of varied size can be an added advantage. You can move the pots depending on your mood and preferences. Usually, the concrete pots for gardening are manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, peat moss and perlite. The concrete planter Boxes are known for their durability. Besides the thick walls of the boxes ensures minimal fluctuation in soil temperatures in comparison to the other types of container for plants. However, some of the users of the Concrete Planter Boxes complain about its weight and issue in movement.

Concrete Planter Boxes
Concrete Planter Boxes

Advantages of Concrete Planter Boxes

Despite its weight, the Concrete Planter Boxes have various advantages. Beneath is the list:

1. A good option for large plants

The planter boxes made of concrete are a good choice to grow a large plant or to plant shrubs or trees. The weight of the planters helps the plants stand upright in the adverse weathers. Durability is one feature which makes these pots a great choice. Since they are made up of concrete it becomes easier for them to withstand heavy wind or rain, so you don’t really have to worry about the plants falling down.

2. Perfect choice to place in high traffic areas

Are you worried about placing your ornamental tree in the front yard? Well, if yes then the concrete planter boxes are your solution. The weight of the boxes helps the users to get off the worry of theft in the high traffic areas. You can easily plant your favourite three in it and can place it in the yard to carry out the ornamentation of the yard without any worry. Further, these boxes also can withstand against any sudden bumps.

3. Helps to play with your creativity 

Versatility is one feature of these planters which makes them a popular choice amongst individual.  You can customize them in desired shape and size, moreover, adding your favourite colour to it will also make them look beautiful.

Tips to prepare you DIY concrete planter boxes:

Concrete planter boxes are excellent decor to enhance the artistic appeal of your garden. It is always fun to play with your imagination and creativity. If you are looking for a few tips for your DIY concrete planter boxes scroll through point mentioned beneath:

So, if you are about to begin your work for creating a concrete planter box, you need to collect the required materials like Portland cement, sand, and gravel, rubber gloves, stone, bucket, water or poker etc.

While mixing the concrete ensure to mix it as smooth as butter.

To avoid a cracking concrete or a crumbled project do not rush. Take time and allow concrete to harden.

The Concrete planter boxes are beneficial for root systems of larger trees. They are very durable and also act a thermal insulator, thereby marinating the temperature of the soil to allow proper growth of the plants. If you are preparing the pot by your own remember to give the concrete water bath for at least a week. Be patient during the entire process to achieve our desired result.

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