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How to Get Rid of Blockages and Clogging

Blockage and Clogging are common problems these days. Clogged drains and blocked pipes may seem to be a minor issue initially but with time they can turn into a major mess. Blocked sewer drain is a menace. It becomes a plumbing emergency and needs to be treated immediately before it becomes a health issue. So, when there is a blockage in the sewer line it doesn’t allow fresh water to flow out easily. When we face a sewer drain clog, we should avoid using any plumbing in the house.

How do we know it’s a Blockage?

Blockages are awful. They stop waste from leaving our house. Below are the signs which depict that there is some blockage in the house:

  • Whenever we see that it is difficult to flush the toilets it may be a blockage.
  • Water from sink or bath is taking too much time to empty.
  • One of the signs is when we find that drains are stinking too badly.

City Drainage

Sometimes, we assume that there is a blocked sewer drain at our house, but it is possible that it may be in the City Drain problem. Our house sewer system is usually connected to the city main. If these city drains are blocked, they also create a havoc for us. These city backups force sewage into home drains with pressure, thus flooding our bathrooms and making everything disgusting.

Causes of Blocked Sewer Drain

Blocked Sewer Drain
Blocked Sewer Drain

There are many reasons when a household experience these blocked drains. Sometimes it’s the foreign objects, sometimes a heavy hair strand, or other objects. Some of the major causes why our water drains are blocked:

  • Hair: Usually, a build of hair fall starts to clog the drain. Certain times it can easily be cleaned up, but it does cause a lot of issues. Hair can fall many times either when we take a shower or sometimes while we are getting ready in the bathroom. As far as small amount is hair are concerned, they can be removed with gloved hands. If it is visible, even devices can help in removing.
  • Plants: Another cause for these blockages can be waste of trees, shrubs, and plants. Roots from trees tend to grow underneath, as they need water to stay alive. So, to prevent our water drains and pipes it is essential to maintain our garden regularly. We should keep the outdoor area clean and free of fallen leaves and other natural waste from the plants.
  • Grease: Similar to what hair does to bathroom blockage, over a period of time grease and fat ruin up the kitchen sink. They are one of those common causes of blocked drains in the kitchen. Any greasy substance sticks to the pipe and with time it doesn’t allow water to pass through. Furthermore, this grease is not really easy to be cleaned. The best way to avoid this fat and grease is to put them in a container and discard with garbage
  • Toiletries: Most of us have a habit of disposing of toiletries down the drain, thus causing blocked sewer drain. Two of the most common issues are Nappies and Baby Wipes. After they are flushed down the toilet, they get submerged in the water thus blocking water outflow. So, to save ourselves from this situation we should dispose of the toiletries simultaneously.

What to do in case of Blocked Sewer Drain?

Some of the TIPS in case we are facing a Blocked Sewer Drain

If our sewer is blocked, we need to make sure not to run the water or even flush!! We should even shut the main water supply as a precaution. We should inform everybody in the family not to use water. Then, as soon as possible, we need to call a plumber or drain specialist to clean it.

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