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Frameless shower screens are in great demand now and while renovations, customers often introduce.

These screens give a classy yet neat look to bathrooms of all sizes. Previously the framed doors or screens used metals and rubbers which gave the small bathrooms a sturdy impression. With the innovation of new techniques, the bathrooms are getting newer and improvised looks. These kinds of screens give the bathroom seem more spacious and brighter.

Types of Frameless Shower Screens

1) Rustic Warmth

2) Master Suite

3) Quartzite Shower

4) Fresh and Natural

5) Brilliant Aqua

6) Mystic Escape

Basically, these are the showers having doors without the frames. These are attached with screens and with hinges like pivot hinges, door to wall hinges and glass to glass hinges. The other most important thing that should be kept in mind is the glass. The thickness of the glass is a very important criterion. The highly recommended glass thickness is a ½ inch or 3/8 inches. Usually, the doors with the ½ inch glass are more costly than the 3/8th ones.

The screen glasses used in this shower can either be frosted or clear according to the customer’s requirement and comfort.  These glasses are tempered glass, which is safer because the glass while it breaks, unlike the normal glass, it fragments into mini pieces. This is not risky because the glass is manufactured in such a manner that it gives it a strong texture.

The finishing and accessories of the frameless shower screen are selected keeping in mind the minute details. Some finishing is like 24kt gold, satin chrome, polished chrome, stainless steel etc. There are many more accessories which can gear up the frameless shower screen’s look.

Why do people prefer Frameless Shower Screens?

Frameless Shower Screens
Frameless Shower Screens
  • It gives the bathroom a bigger look because of its transparency.
  • The frameless shower screens need not be just rectangular or square shaped but also oval. It can be decorated with various accessories according to your own choice.
  • It gives your bathroom a classy and trendy look and stylish one.
  • The tempered glass used for the frameless shower screens are highly durable and are less risky.
  • The frameless glass screens are always easy to clean because the glasses can be wiped with a cloth with any kind of glass cleaner.
  • There are fewer chances of water spillage because of the seal in technology.
  • There are wide ranges of the design options for the frameless shower. Different types of faucets can be used according to your own choice.
  • The lack of usage of metals is beneficial because they won’t be any corrosion and thus maintaining them is easy and cheap.
  • These doors and their pivot hinges can be used according to the owners’ preference.
  • There are huge returns when it is for resale. The house retailers nowadays pay more for such bathrooms with frameless shiver screens and thus if you own one remember while you sell your house you may get added benefits.

Things you need to remember while you opt frameless shower screen

  1. Plan and decide the design of the frameless shower with experts according to your budget
  2. Keep in mind that the size of your bathroom and the space available is sufficient.
  3. The correct type of glass should be chosen and preferable high quality of glass should be chosen.
  4. Choose a glass which you can maintain well.
  5. Excessive decoration with accessories is best to be avoided.
  6. The total floor area of the bathroom should be taken into account before choosing the design of the frameless shower screen.

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