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All You Need to Know Before Getting Solar Hot Water Systems

An appliance that is a constant and common in every household is hot water systems. It is so easily available that even unfurnished houses have geysers in their bathrooms, not to mention hotels and fully furnished flats. But there are different types of systems that dispense hot water and one of them is solar hot water systems. However, there are still so many things that you have to know about solar water heaters before actually getting one for your house.

A Brief About Solar Water Heaters

These types of water heater systems work on a renewable mode of energy – solar energy. These appliances use the most basic energy – the energy of the sun which you can avail free of cost until the sun is present in our solar system. However, before installing a solar water heater system the one thing that you should know about solar hot water systemsit is only beneficial in countries that see more sunny days than rainy or gloomy ones. Another important thing to know is that – solar water heaters do not depend solely on sunlight so if you think that in the gloomy days, you will not get hot water, you could not be more wrong. Right now, let us know about some of the categories of solar water heaters that are available in the market.

  • Active solar water heaters – If the types of solar heaters working to make some hot water have circulating pipes, they are known as active solar water heaters. These circulating pipes fulfil the purpose of carrying water in between the tank and the collectors.
  • Direct circulation systems – Direct circulation systems are a subcategory in the active solar water heaters category. Direct circulation systems are the ones which carry the water from the collectors into the home. Since they are the direct communication between the water system of the house and the collectors, it is always better to use these pipes in countries that rarely see snow.
  • Passive solar water heaters – These types of water heaters are the ones which do not have circulating pipes as the medium to carry water from the pipe to the collectors as well as vice versa. They are known to last longer than active ones but cannot speak of the same amount of efficiency as an active water heater.

  • Flat plate collector induced hot water systems – Solar water heaters derive their heating capabilities because of the solar collectors (components that help transfer the heat of the sun rays into energy). Flat plate collectors usually should bring to mind plain, straight absorber plates attached to copper tubes which are engulfed in an insulated box. To top it off, tempered glass surrounds the box to stop the heat from escaping.
  • Indirect circulation systems – These are different from the direct circulation systems in the sense that they have a fluid going through their collectors which is used for heat transfer and does not freeze, ensuring that the water flowing to the homes retains its heat when they reach the house water systems.
  • Solar hot water systems with evacuated tube collectors – These types of collectors are the most efficient ones in the market right now. A space filled with the vacuum is sandwiched in between a large glass tube and a small glass tube (which contains the heat transfer fluid). These types of collectors can weather any sort of temperature parameters which is why people tend to use these systems more, whether it be a chilly place or a normally sunny one.

Listed above are some of the very basic facts about solar water heaters and their types. So based on your requirements and needs get the most appropriate solar hot water systems for your house and enjoy cost-free hot water.

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