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The New Trend On The Floor: Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring: An introduction

Nowadays we can easily come across the new and trending fashion of flooring, moving from ordinary concrete, wood and marble concept of flooring to the new waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring. Vinyl flooring employs the use of Vinyl plank, a derivative of Polyvinyl chloride, that is plastic or rubber in nature. It is affordable flooring with a wooden texture.

A difference from the regular flooring

The traditional practice of house or office flooring involves the use of concrete, marble and wood material. These are reliable though, but still stand outdated at some point of facts. The new Vinyl Plank Flooring somewhere gives a new option to the people looking for a change. VPF is actually a new and latest form of resilient flooring which is strong and flexible using artificial composite floors like linoleum, plastic, Polyvinyl chloride, Vinyl.

The basic difference between traditional or ordinary flooring concept and that of Vinyl plank flooring is where the former makes use of usual materials like concrete, wood etc., the latter being advanced, uses artificial chemical components with distinguished features. While the floors made by the ordinary method are prone to damage, those made by the resilient flooring are least prone to damages as they are made up of plastic or rubber.


Vinyl Plank Flooring
Vinyl Plank Flooring

The trending resilient flooring or waterproof flooring is not a new idea. It is quite an old concept and has been in practice over quite a long time. Giving a satisfactory service to their customers, it has been in the good list over decades. However, the other components like plastic floors being the non-biodegradable plastic were found harmful because of their chemicals. Thus, in order to avoid such defaming of the product, Vinyl plank flooring was introduced with appropriate measures and same quality. This new product is ecofriendly, thus has gained a lot of attention in recent times.


Replacing the traditional thought of flooring options with that of new form of flooring is not that easy, and thus Vinyl plank flooring had to stand up to the mark in customer grading. And for this, it maintained its tool of cost efficiency. The whole budget of flooring when compared with natural components like concrete, wood, marble, etc. is pretty low. This is why it can now popular as budget as well as ecofriendly Vinyl plank flooring. VPF has been liked from the very beginning since it creates a cushion or paddy effect. Thus, preventing slipping accidents at any place. Also being healthy in its constituent, Vinyl Plank Flooring stands advantageous over the concept of regular and traditional flooring trend.


When you compare vinyl flooring with the traditional types of flooring it has a certain advantage, the fact that it is water resistant, made of rubber makes it easy to clean and maintain. This flooring will stay intact for years to come and the shine will never cease. If you ever see a crack on the floor it is easy to replace them as you do not have to replace the whole flooring in the area. You would just have to replace the damaged square block, only one piece and you are done. Simple sweeping and mopping on a daily basis will keep the floor clean and tidy.

New trends

Crediting to its innovative idea, Vinyl plank flooring is being welcomed by the commercial firms or workplaces and professionals with a warm heart. VPF has now become a new status symbol of the commercial entities that are cherishing the quality this product gives, and the image it brings. Actually the charm of Vinyl plank flooring is that it being cost efficient, not only saves your budget but also gives a classy look to the workplace or home.

However, it is though trending among the commercial sector it is also a new format in the flooring market. Hence, the consumer section still needs some more time to accept it over the traditional pattern.

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