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How Can You Decorate Your Home With French Provincial Home Furniture?

We get to know all about the French provincial furniture from the historical documents of the French provinces during the 17th and the 18th centuries. This furniture differed from that of the royal and intricate French furniture, but on the contrary, this was marked by simplicity, elegance and affordability, so that people of all economic backgrounds could purchase it. Some of the most representative furniture types in this category includes the big, wing back and chaise lounges that are decorated with fringes, small curves and ornamentation, and this furniture is also marked by pastel shades and sometimes with art decor and experimental styles.

Finishes and Furniture Materials

This style of furniture is mainly made from wood, either painted or stained in duck egg blue, deep red, taupe, muted grey, and white. Timber pieces such as buffets and drawers feature complex moldings and glass or brass handles. Upholstered furniture will frequently feature piping on the floral motifs or soft damask and cushions.

Styling a bright French Style Bedroom

If you want to create French provincial bedroom then it becomes important to get the entire appropriate color scheme. There can be small lights and the use of different sized mirrors on the wall to accentuate the look of the bedroom. The basic shade to French-style bedrooms is usually beige or white. For highlighting, you can go for neutral colors of French provincial bedroom furniture like light grey, pastel blue, pastel green etc.

White-Bedroom Furniture

Typically it is suggested to choose white color to get French provincial bedroom feel. Big furniture pieces such as chairs, dresser, and bed occupy lots of visual room and almost always cater as the central attraction of a room. For a conventional French-Provincial bedroom, it is better to purchase white colored French provincial bedroom furniture that are painted with gold detailing (knobs, handles).


Things to see in French provincial home décor

All the house owners wants to beautify their house with something exceptional and inviting so that the guests and visitors coming to their place should feel welcomes and comfortable.

  • French provincial home decoration is something that talks of elegance, style, standard, and luxury that is best by the way.
  • Mainly this is due to the simplicity and charm that the French home decoration contributes to the entire setup.
  • Nowadays, people choose the provincial appearance and French provincial home decoration is the most admired option for people all over the world. The material employed in this structure is long lasting and resilient. There are so many things that you should keep in mind when you purchase French provincial furniture.

1. Décor color

One of the vital aspects that describe the French provincial home decoration is the color combination. Your furniture color should provide you a feel of striking flowers with fairly of sunlight pasture.

2. The sort of material that you pick

Fabric is also the most important consideration when it comes to French provincial home decoration. Many a times, there are repetitious floral patterns with a white backdrop plus the material which is broadly used in these designs is available in a white setting.


You can also go for the exceptional designs. A significant feature that makes the French provincial home decoration stand despite the others is the gentle and beautiful curves on the pieces. There are traditional portrayals and the majority of these are hand-imprinted and this gives a more elegant and natural feel to the entire setup. You can also customize the traditional provincial designs and apply them with some modern touches to add a touch of elegance to your bedrooms and living rooms.

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