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Proper Leak Detection Is the First Step of a Successful Repair

To make sure that the plumbing line is working in its full functionality and the repair work is just as you desired, it is required to detect the leak first and work around it. Without proper and precise leak detection a lot of time, money, material and effort will be wasted. However, there may be a few water leaks that will be very slow and very hard to detect as it occurs. You will have to wait until the time you notice a damp spot or even a small puddle. Timely repairing your water system will save your large water bills so it is recommended to install and upgradable a better water system. You should hire a professional water heater repair mechanic if you don’t have any future problems.

Water leaks should be repaired immediately though some homeowners ignore it. Even small leaks if left unattended can result in a loss of thousands of gallons of water in a year. Moreover, it can even damage your property causing a loss of thousands of dollars as well. Such damages may cause your house to deteriorate fast, collapse soon, and cause irrecoverable injuries and losses to other occupants.

Types of Water Leak Detection System

The best way to know whether or not there is a water leak in your home as soon as it occurs is to install and use water leak detection systems. This is will prevent you from making a periodic inspection of the plumbing system and components of your house by you or by a professional. You can call for repair as soon as it happens and save money in the long run.

There are mainly two types of water leak detection systems such as:

  • Passive Leak Detection Systems: These are standalone battery-operated devices. It produces alarm sounds when the moisture sensors become wet.
  • Active Leak Detection Systems: These will not only sound an alarm but will also stop the flow of water automatically when a leak is detected.

These are better as it has both moisture and a flow sensor to monitor any water leaks and can be used for individual appliances or the entire house.

For Larger Pipeline Assets

You can also go for a non-invasive method for water leak detection if you want to maintain a larger pipeline asset. These types of devices are the latest in acoustic leak detection technologies. These devices are very useful and cost-effectively. You can detect any leak in the most difficult pipe types but will not have to break the floor, dig deep on the ground or interrupt services. Ideally, these non-invasive devices provide a lot of water and money saving potential both for an individual or a utility service.

How it Works

The working process of acoustic leak detection technology is very intriguing though complex. Since all leaks will create a distinctive noise while leaving the pipe, this specially designed device can detect the frequency of these sounds. Smaller leaks will emit a higher frequency sound while larger leaks will produce sound having a low-frequency level.

The acoustic leak detection device will locate the leaks by differentiating the sounds and characterizing the leaks accordingly. It will be able to distinguish the sound of normal flow of water as well and therefore will not ever misguide you. The device usually contains an advanced signal processing mechanism along with acoustic sensor design. This enables the device to locate even the quietest of leaks. It can even filter out any background noise that may be usually associated with a larger pipeline whether it is metal or plastic.

The two magnetic surface mounted sensors or hydrophones record the acoustic noise file and capture leak noise data. This is then uploaded to a computer for better and proper analysis. It will locate the accurate sections of the distribution and transmission mains to facilitate fast repair jobs.

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