Enhance the Look of the Home in a Cost-Effective Way

Mounting blocks can be used to mount accessories to the external area such as mail boxes, exterior electrical outlets, door bells, exhaust fans, exterior wall mounted lighting, etc. The mounting blocks are available in various designs, patterns and colors. Moreover, high-quality mounting blocks pep up the lifespan of the compressor and reduce the shuddering by almost fifty percent. Mounting block can be used when replacing an exterior hose faucet.

Mounting block electrical

The mounting block electrical are hard-wearing, do not require regular maintenance, U.V. stabilized and built with color molded-through so they do not scrape, fleck, or fade away. Mounting Block can be of various types:

  • Super Jumbo Mounting block
  • Jumbo Mounting Block
  • Raised Mini Mounting Block
  • Recessed Mini Mounting Block
  • Recessed Jumbo Mounting Block

Among all these mounting blocks, super jumbo and jumbo mounting block are used for coach lamps, huge fixtures and mail boxes. For switches, bells and vents, raised mini mounting block is used. Recessed mini mounting block is used for short wire connections whereas recessed jumbo mounting block is used for fixtures or addresses.  In addition, they can be of

  • Dryer vent type
  • Electrical type
  • Light
  • Plumbing/Hose
  • Universal type

The mounting block electrical can be used on standard or insulated siding. It can provide a smooth, secure mounting surface for large fixtures and it can instantly convert even a previously installed octagonal siding block to a different siding plate. There are mounting blocks that are made up of untreated oak which comes with a small hole predrilled in the center, and are dug in at the back to fit in the electrical wiring. An adaptor kit is required when the switches are fit on to a prevailing wall box. The adaptor plate fits to the wall box and the mounting block is fixed to the adaptor plate by means of the long bolts over the mounting block from the switch. The large electrical mounting block is ideal for perpendicularly oriented coach lamps. They are available in various colors such as:

  • White
  • Forest green
  • Tan
  • Almond
  • Wine berry
  • Champagne
  • Bright White
  • Paintable
  • Sandalwood

Thus, depending on the home décor, one can select the right mounting block electrical.

Mounting block

Tips to shop for mounting block:

  • One can shop for the mounting block using the ecommerce websites as they offer a wide range of colors, designs and materials for the customer to choose from.
  • Ensure that the product is from a well-known brand as a reputed brand usually does not use inferior quality materials as they understand that quality is something that matters.
  • Go through the product reviews and check the client testimonials to get an idea about the product. It is recommended not to choose a mounting block which includes lots of negative reviews.
  • Compare the prices of the mounting blocks before finalizing on one.
  • Check if the product comes with a lifetime warranty. Usually, the products come with lifetime warranty; however; if they are not; then one should not invest on it.
  • Find out the material that has been used in the product.
  • Look for a mounting block that is solid, easy to secure to a plywood surface behind the siding and holds the lights securely.
  • Opt for the one which is easy to use, seals well, performs well, easy to work with, and easy to install.
  • Find out if the mounting block provides level surface for all exterior accessories.
  • Check if the mounting block comes with lock-on system that enables installation.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that a rightly chosen mounting block electrical can help in enhancing the look of the home in a cost-effective way.

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