Neon Signs For Sale

Add Neon Signs to lighten-up your street shops

Are you experiencing low sales or is your business not being able to make enough sales to keep going? All of these may be because you are not being able to attract customers or more importantly catching their attention. These problems can be easily solved by simply implementing neon signs for sale.

These are also known as neon lighting as it contains neon gases in luminous discharge tubes. These are popular light solutions and have been in use since 1920s. More popularly used in banners, hoarding and small street shops.

Advantages of using neon lights:

  • Life: Unlike traditional lights these are long lasting and can easily last for several years. They have a lifespan of up to 10 years or more.
  • Low cost: The price of bulbs used for domestic applications is higher than these lights. Also, they are better suited for external areas and used for prolonged hours. The price range also depends upon the size and type of the light.
  • Energy efficiency: Saving energy is one of the most pertinent issues of the modern world. Neon lights are expected to save up to 50 to 70 percent of energy compared to other external lighting forms. Therefore, the operational cost of these type of lights is limited and do not incur heavy costs to the owner.
  • Different options: As there are numerous manufacturers of neon signs for sale, there are varied options available. They come in different operating ranges, such as power consumption, energy rating or different voltage specifications. You can choose the one that fits your requirements.
Neon Signs For Sale
Neon Signs For Sale

Now that you know about the several reasons which buying neon lights for sale is a better choice over other forms of lighting, let us concentrate on how it can improve sales. The following points are dedicated just to explain that.

  • Attractive: Neon lights are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, and it is often said that one cannot simply miss a neon sign. Being attractive and easy to spot, customers will easily notice your shop. It works even better at night or in dark places due to its glow effect.
  • Fabrication: These neon signs for sale are easily customizable and can be accommodate to the user’s demands. Bending and twisting of neon lamps in case of non-rigid discharge tubes is possible. The thickness and dimensions of the tube can be chosen from the wide ranges of options available.
  • Low maintenance: Generally lighting used for external purposes has significantly lower life and is prone to external damage. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the external lighting used. Use of Neon lights makes maintenance a non-issue as they are durable and have a long life.
  • Neon pump: This is basically a method to insert neon gases into the discharge tube to provide it with the glow effect. Neon gases are ionized and pumped in to the tubes to make it light up. Some of the popular gases used are neon, argon, xenon and helium. These are ionized using a potential difference of 15000V to 23000V.
  • Coating and protection: Most of these tubes do not require external protection and can withstand difficult weather conditions, including heavy rainfall. Additionally, different color coatings can be applied to change the color of the signs. This allows easy modifications, which is not applicable in other forms of lighting’s.


The applications of neon signs are simply too many to pen down. But to jot down the major application they are widely used for is advertising. They are also used for dynamic lighting and art. It has proven itself as a truly sales enhancing product; therefore, it is advised to get hold of the best neon sign that suits your needs.

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