Drain Blockage

How To Avoid Drain Blockage and Make Home a Better Place

Several factors are responsible for the drain blockage. However, you can take the preventive measures to avoid the drain blockage. These preventive measures will enable you to prevent any clogs and help you in keeping your drains flow freely. So here are the tips for you to follow and keep your drain blockage problem at a bay —

In the kitchen, especially sinks

Drain Blockage
Drain Blockage
  • Using a drain strainer can be a wise move to make. It will not let the food go down the drain and keep the food out of the drain.
  • Do not pour the oily substance or the greasy items down the drain. These things stick to the pipes and lead your kitchen sink to clog.
  • Applying a simple preventive measure is a good habit. For example, pouring the hot water down the kitchen sink drain will melt all the accumulated fat. You can follow this once a week.
  • Besides, you can also use a clog cleaner in case of any clogging once in every month to avoid any clogging. It melts away the dislodge greasy clogs.
  • Avoid flushing vegetable peels, solid waste, and other such products down the kitchen sink. This will clog the pipe and make the water flow back.
  • If possible, use some home remedies to clean the drains from time to time. This will not let happen any drain blockage.

In the bathrooms

  • Always clean the sink, shower, and bathtub drain stoppers from time to time. It often accumulates the soap scums, hair, and other grimes and gunk and slow down the drainage causing drain blockage. Therefore, clean it on a regular basis.
  • Do not flush down any paper product, except that of the toilet paper. Excess paper accumulation can clog the whole drainage. Therefore, throw the solid and hard waste in dustbin like condom, tampon, sanitary napkin, wipes, and other such things.
  • Keep some drainage solutions and chemicals handy in case of any clog. The drain blockage can occur anytime or wee hour. Therefore, having such solutions handy is a good option.
  • One of the best things to do is to prevent any sort of drain blockage instead of cleaning the clogged drain. Therefore, acquire this habit of not letting drain blockage happen.
  • One of the best things to use is the drain screens in the bathroom to keep your drains safe from letting any foreign objects flush down the drain. It nicely fits the drain openings and prevent your drains by not letting any food, soap, or hair to enter the drains.

General tips to follow as a preventive measure for drain blockage

Drain Blockage
Drain Blockage
  • Do not dump paint or paint thinner down the drains. These can further cause trouble and your drains to block.
  • Always call professionals for annual cleaning of the drains. This will let you save time, money, and prevent you to be in any troublesome situation.
  • Follow up with the experts, plumbers, or the professionals for any sort of plumbing problems. Do not call any novice for the job as they can manhandle the plumbing fixtures and fittings causing further drain blockage and trouble.
  • Always ask for the tips and advice from the professional Plumbers and follow them to avoid any kind of drain blockage. They will guide you in the best possible way to get rid of any future clogging problem.

These simple preventive measures can enable you to avoid drain blockage. You can just apply these into your habit and avoid any further damage to your drain pipes or any such issue. In a nutshell, these tips are easy to follow and can help you avoid any drain blockage problems.

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