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Tips for Maintaining Crazy Paving

Crazy paving is a type of outdoor hard-surfacing that is usually seen in gardens. Paving stones of different colors, shapes, and sizes are used in an irregular pattern with sand and gravel in the middle as filling. This kind of pavement work originated in ancient Rome and has been carried over to different parts of the world. Many home owners these days are opting for crazy paving when it comes to decorating the gardens. Hence, some of the beginner tips for maintaining crazy pavements are:

Sweeping Pavers with A Broom

This is probably the simplest step when it comes to maintaining pavers. The owner or the helper is just required to pick up a broom and brush off the debris or dust from the crazy paving as much as possible. Most of the experts recommend that the pavements should be boomed after rain. When debris like leaves fall after a shower, booming should be done quickly because the debris can leave ugly-looking stains on the floor of the pavements.

Replacing the Pavement Stones

If a portion of the crazy pavement stones is damaged, it can be replaced without disturbing the other stones. The new look of the pavement can be achieved in an hour’s time. If the damage is extensive, it is best to call in an expert for fixing the damaged portion. For the adventurous, DIY kind of house owners, experts recommend that they should do research before getting their hands dirty with fixing the damaged portion of the crazy paving.

Using Paver Sealers

Some of the experts suggest using sealers to provide a brand-new look to the crazy paving. The sealers can be used once or twice in a year. One of the reasons why the experts suggest using sealers is that it does not let dirt or other harmful substances from the environment to penetrate the top layer and reach the core of the floor.

Crazy Paving
Crazy Paving

Using Water on A Regular Basis

If a broom is not working when it comes to regular maintenance, it is best to use the garden hose to regularly rinse the pavements. It is usually enough to remove the grime and dirt. Usually it is not necessary to pressure wash the pavements because a regular rinsing is usually more than enough when it comes to removing most of the dirt.

Removal of Stubborn Stains

It is very common for home owners to find stains on the surface of crazy pavements. If they are hard to be cleaned, the best is to pick up a bucket of water and mix it with the right proportion of a home detergent solution. Such cleaning solutions created on the fly is the best option for any kind of cleaning.

Thinking Long Run Rather Than Short Run

This step is very useful when the crazy pavement is installed. Some of the common mistakes made by home owners during installation are:

  • They fail to plan for movement on the pavements
  • Using the wrong type of mortar additives
  • Placing the pavers on the site while the pavements are being installed
  • Incorrectly mixed mortar ratios
  • Not using an acid wash

Most of the experts say that all the common mistakes should be looked at thoroughly during the installation phase. Extra care should be taken to ensure that these mistakes don’t occur during the time of installation.

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