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The Different Options in Window Shutters

Window shutters are a common feature in almost all homes these days as they provide multiple benefits installing window shutters, like safety, security, noise insulation and more. Choosing these might be a wee bit confusing as you will find these in a wide range of materials, styles and designs. You need to prioritize your requirements before you can opt for specific window shutters. Making the right choice of these shutters is not an open and shut case, this requires a little pondering with lots of research.

  • Plantation Shutters: Plantation shutters are a preferred choice for many home owners as these tend to be cost effective option when these are compared to the draperies and are also versatile. Besides this, these tend to increase a home’s value. These shutters are recessed in the interior of the window frame and have louvers which are wider, which can be opened and closed with ease.

  • Cottage Shutters: These shutters have louvers which are smaller in size and have good looks. As these are prior assembled they can be easily installed. They seem to work ideal for windows on the smaller side or you can even think of putting them in a row for the required traditional look. Using 6 panels of these, they can be opened or closed in any direction and you can operate the bottom and the top louvers independently with the help of a divider roll. You have a choice between the neutrals, white and the natural tones of wood, offering you a wide choice to opt for the ones which can enhance the looks of your home.

  • West Coast Plantation Shutters: As compared to the traditional plantation shutters, these have larger louvers and panels as most of the windows where these are used are larger.

  • Material of Shutters: You can choose from a wide range of materials that are available for the window shutters. We give you some information on the materials used so that choosing one in accordance to your requirement becomes easier.

  • Plastics: They tend to be cheaper as compared to the aluminum ones and work well if you are looking for flexibility. You need to be aware that since the material used is thermoplastic, these tend to get affected by the heat. Though this material offers a warranty of nearly 25 years but does not cover the faults of the manufacturer.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum shutters work well for the outdoor rooms and the exterior. With the right finish of powder coat these can last to a minimum of 10 years. In order to get this benefit of long lasting, you need to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. This is not suitable if you are looking to keep the heat out because the metal tends to be a good conductor of heat.

  • Wood Composites: These shutters can be avoided due to multiple reasons. This is hard and heavy besides which it is able to absorb moisture. In other words, you will need to replace them sooner as compared to the aluminum and plastic ones. The only advantage with these shutters is that they work out quite cheap.

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar: You can consider this material as the premium material for shutters as it is known to last for generations and has a rating for insulation which is the highest. Another benefit of this is that it works out environmental friendly. Shutters made from this can be left as they are or probably painted in the required color. It tends to look beautiful both ways.

With the information given above, it gets convenient to make the right choice of window shutters as per your requirement.

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