Benefits of Using Spray Booth Filters

According to the law of the United States, you need to use the right spray booth filters for paint spray areas. There are different set of laws in different locations or country in this regard. If you are new to this term do not panic. This filter works like any other filter and serves the purpose of keeping environment clean. As the name suggests this is used in spray booths while painting objects.


Points To Note

Before you use any spray booth filters, you need to check the following things:

Filtration systems of your pain booth contain the intake and exhaust air makeup units. You need to check the cross draft and downdraft system of your paint booth before you choose a filtration system.

Use an effective filtration system for your paint booth after considering the chemicals and materials used for your paining job. Apart from that, compare the cost with the output of such filtration system before you choose.

Spray booth paint is best when used in an isolated location and you can keep the space neat and clean by using a controlled airflow. The spray paint release paint particle in the air and because such chemicals can spread over the area and surrounded people can get affected by such chemicals it is dangerous. In this case, you need to use the right spray booth filters to prevent such particles to be release in the atmosphere.

Keep your workspace safe and you have to maintain all safety measurements for the operators working in your paint booth. Use only the best filters and remember, good does not mot necessarily mean expensive.

Harmful chemicals and airborne particles can spread during the spraying process and your operators can get affected. They can suffer from breathing issue and lung infection. Provide some safety gears to your operators for their safety.

Types Of Filters for Paint Booth

When you head out to purchase a filter you are bound to be confused with the options you see. There are different types of spray booth filters available. You must first understand the purpose of the each and taking a look at your budget decide the ones you need.

Intake filters can clean the air that enters into your paint booth. It can even prevent small amount of dust and dirt that can contaminate your paint booth. Apart from that, intake filters can help you to achieve the best finishes and it can reduce your production cost. But you need to check the intake capacity of such filters and how much air it can pass. There are some filters available that can trap any particles larger than 10 microns.

Exhaust filters are installed at the exhaust outlet of your paint booth, and you can find such filters near the exhaust fan. It can trap the overspray particles and it can keep your operators safe. Exhaust spray booth filters are mandatory for every paint booth, and you need to choose the best filters certified by the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

There are few pain booths available that are equipped with air makeup filters or air makeup units. It can maintain a balance between the intakes and exhaust airflow. For example, you need to use a large exhaust system for your commercial project, and you should install such systems with AMUs. Air makeup units can supply the air that is required to exhaust, and you can keep your booth neat and clean.

So now, you can search for spray booth filters online to choose the best filtration system for your paint booth. There can be no excuse for being lazy and not putting in effort to get the correct filter. You must understand the use of this product and only then will you know the importance. The above points will be enough to guide you well.

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