Organising A Cremation Services as The Final Rites

Disposition of the body of a deceased person is known as cremation. In this process, the body is subjected to very high temperatures of approximately 1600 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this process has been completed, the remains of the cremation which has been pulverized becomes a powdery consistency. Generally if you are going for a cremation service then a registered funeral specialist can be an only option to choose. A cremation director can give you the best possible ways of enhancing the value of the program.

How do the cremation services take place?

Cremation services takes place after the cremation has been completed. People often have direct cremation without conducting any memorial services. This process is irreversible and takes place at a crematorium. There have been occasions when the family member or acquaintance is allowed to witness the process after requesting it.

How to go for the rules and formalities?

  • There are certain formalities and rules that must be followed before the cremation procedure can begin. These formalities are associated with the cremation association. This is also known as the waiting period.
  • The person has to be placed inside a casket if the funeral service follows the burial practice. However, it is not necessary for cremation to take place while the body is in the casket. Another thing that is not necessary is embalming. A corrugated box or alternative container can be used for the incineration.

How to go for the personal preferences of the loved ones and how to include them in the last rites?

It depends on personal preference of the loved ones to make the decision regarding the usage of a casket. In case the loved one chose to include the casket and honour their deceased person; they can choose those caskets that are designed with combustible material.

What To Do After The Cremation Service Has Been Completed?

There are several traditional services that takes place during a funeral. People may choose different ways of mourning like reading, praying, viewing the body for the last time, sermon, etc. A funeral home can be easily arranged in order to organise this event. The choice of location depends on the people who are arranging the service. There are several non-profit planning societies as well who provide help when it comes to organising a funeral.

How to go for organizing a memorial service?

It is good to organize a memorial service after the cremation has been completed in order to honour the deceased. The cremated ashes are also provided by the authorities on request if the family wishes to preserve it and hold a memorial with its presence.

  • Cremation is one of the most anciently practiced tradition that had been followed by both Romans and Greeks. It was one of the popular method and system of disposing the body after a person passed away. This is why cremation is accepted in many religious practices except Judaism, Islam and Eastern Orthodox Church.
  • Cremation is a very environment friendly procedure in comparison to burial and helps in conservation of space. Cremation is cost effective and a very simple procedure. There have been debates regarding the choice of funeral types.
  • You should include the dates of birth, date of death, likes, dislikes and some quotes and place flowers at the site of the crematorium.

Once the cremation services have been completed, the remains can be scattered wherever desire such as water, land, air, burial plot, columbarium, etc. The ashes can also be stored in a urn known as the cremation urn. This is a very common technique and people place this urn on a mantle in their homes.

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