Bike Line Road Marking

All You Need to Know About Bike Line Road Marking

It is important and mandatory to follow the rules of the road when we are walking or driving. Even when you are riding on a bicycle it is mandatory for you to follow the bike line road marking and travel only in that line or direction.

The Australian government is taking good steps to control the accidents and making strict traffic rules. Bike line road markings are totally different from the bike signals as bike signals are used to only make you understand that now this road is used for bike only or without bike. In this article you will read about different types of bike line road markings.

Types of bike road markings:

Shared lane bike road marking

These bike markings are used to define a designated bike route and a bicyclist must follow the rules accordingly. A rider has to keep distance from the cars when its doors are open, in order to avoid any kind of accident. These types of share lane marking are mostly seen in big cities where you can park your car and on other side you can ride your bike. The best feature of this road marking is that no motor vehicle can overtake your bike because they have to maintain your safety level. They can only overtake when there is an appropriate space to go.

Green bike road marking lanes

These line markings are created to make an appropriate way for bikers to turn or merge across a bike lane so if any motor vehicle is crossing, then they to ensure the safety of the bikers and must wait until he leaves. Green line marking paint is done over these lanes to alert other motor vehicles.

Bike related lanes

This is one of the common of all bikes related road markings. A separate lane is created alongside the road to cater the needs of bicyclists. You will mostly see bike lanes on the right-hand side of the road. A bicyclist has to follow to the instructions and should move in the direction of bike lane or if you find a pavement marking then you can change the lane. Municipal Corporations strictly prohibited the parking of cars and other types of motor vehicles in these bike lanes.

bike lanes

Separated bike lanes

These are special bike lanes which are constructed separately from the ongoing traffic. Generally, you will see only way in these lanes but two-way systems are also there are some cities. Traffic department mostly make underpass where a biker can cross the road easily without coming into traffic. As a bike you need to be very attentive at intersections because chances of accidents are very much high at intersections point. You should turn or cross very cautiously without hitting anyone.

Advisory-bike related road markings

The last type of bike line road markings is “advisory-bike relating road marking”. You will see these types of road marking on the narrow street with low traffic. Generally, these types of bike line road marking are coated in white colour. These markings are made for the bicyclists to ride but when there is a rush in traffic motorist also get permission to cross from these markings. A motorist has to keep distance of at least three feet from the biker to avoid any type of accident.

Now you can say that to drive safely on the roads we should have proper knowledge about the road line markings. There are different types of line marking used on the roads. In this article we have studied about the bike related line markings.

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