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Know The Tips For Split System Air Conditioner Maintenance

Gone are the days when the air conditioner was considered as an item bought by only rich people. The climate temperature has risen in such a way that even a middle-class family has to install an air conditioner in their home. However, to enjoy the cool and clean air coming out from your air conditioner uninterruptedly you need to take care of your air conditioner regularly. Regular maintenance also helps you to save on energy bills. Most of the manufacture provides limited warranty on their air conditioners and you can avail free services during this warranty period. But after the warranty period, you need to hire the best air conditioning services to maintain your air conditioners. In this article, we will discuss some the tips that you can follow for your split system air conditioner maintenance so that your air conditioner keeps on running efficiently.

Top Tips For Split System Air Conditioner Maintenance


1. Regularly clean the air filters of your air conditioner: One of the most important parts of your split air conditioner is the air filter. It protects the evaporator of the AC by preventing dust and dirt. Clean the air filter once or twice in a month depending on the frequency of your usage to avail clear airflow. You can easily change or clean the air filter every month and you do not need to hire any maintenance services in this regard.

2. Use the appropriate settings: Modern split system air conditioner comes with several features and settings. Most of the air conditioner has a vent setting named ‘fresh air’. If you enable this setting in your air conditioner then it will draw fresh air from outside. It is recommended that you keep this setting off most of the time. Otherwise, you need to bear extra power consumption cost every month. In is better to read the manual of the air conditioner in this regard and maintain the instructions given in the manual.

3. Help you Air Conditioner with a ceiling fan: Turn on the ceiling fan while using the air conditioner. Using a ceiling fan along with the air conditioner will distribute the cool air throughout the room evenly, and it will cool down your room quickly. This will prevent your air conditioner from working too hard to cool the room thus enabling it to work at its optimal condition for a longer period. By this way, you can save your power consumption cost too.

4. Clean the coil condensers: One of the most important parts of your split system air conditioner maintenance is that you should clean the coil condensers once or twice in a year. Cleaning the air conditioner is important to make sure your split air conditioner is working efficiently. However, to clean the coil you can use liquid cleaning agents instead of foam cleaners.

5. Check for any leaks: There is a refrigerant in every air conditioner which is used to cool the air. This refrigerant is kept in a closed system. If you notice that refrigerant is leaking, it’s time to call a certified professional to do the repairs. If you continue to use the air conditioner without refrigerant then you are inviting trouble for you.

6. Keep Your Room Organised: If you keep the things in your room in an organized manner and maintain appropriate light and shade in the room then you can easily prevent the problems associated with your air conditioner. Prevent direct sunlight from entering the room by drawing curtains. Keep the doors and windows closed so that you do not lose the cool air.

So, these were some the tips that you can follow for your split system air conditioner maintenance so that your AC keeps on working in its optimal condition for life long.

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