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The Various Different Types of Security Grilles for Doors and Windows

To homeowners, the security of their family and property is one of the most important concerns. This is why people shell out even a fortune to secure their homes. They go to any length to feel secure and buy latest locks for their doors and make sure that their home is safe from intruders and vandals at all times. However, no matter what you do to protect your home, it will be incomplete without high quality security grilles. These can be used for doors and windows as well as balconies and porches.

Given below is a guide listing the various types of security grilles to help you choose the right one:

Security Grilles
Security Grilles

Types of Security Grilles According to the Material

Nowadays, safety grills are available in many types and sizes. You can fit them in small windows or wide doors and take your pick from several simple, ornamental and chic designs. These security grilles will put a stop to all your nightmares about intruders in your home and also lend an aesthetic look to your property. However, apart from the design and the size, there are some important things that have to be considered before buying security grilles, for instance the material. Given below is a classification of the best grilles according to the material they are made from:

  1. Iron is probably one of them most popular materials used to make security grilles. Although these are extremely sturdy and uncompromising when it comes to safety, there are a number of problems that iron brings up. Pure iron is prone to rust due to oxidization. Hence, iron works best when it is blended with other metals.
  2. Wrought iron or steel high quality security grilles are the best choice if you are looking for a secure as well as aesthetic solution. These are available in elegant designs and provide unmatched security for your home. Although they are highly secure, they also give a great look to your property. These have strength and stability along with beauty.
  3. Aluminium grilles are lightweight when compared to the other two types. The best thing about them is that they are durable in any temperature conditions and do not corrode or rust. They also provide satisfactory security and are quite durable.
  4. Lastly, metal grilles have become very popular nowadays as they are great to look at. They have excellent finishing and the best quality metals are used to make these. Apart from security, these too provide an aesthetic look to your home with their classic looks. They can be ordered in customized designs according to your preference.

Some Other Things to Consider When Buying

Apart from the material, you must also consider a few other things when installing security grilles in your home. Firstly, make sure that the working of the lock is quite simple and it doesn’t pose problems during emergencies. If your home insurance calls for a security grille to be present you might want to check out other clauses mentioned about it to avoid confusion later on. Most security grilles can be folded and tucked away behind the door frame when not required. Therefore, these give you complete freedom of using when required and being unobtrusive when not in use.

Therefore, as you can see, high quality security grilles serve many purposes. They provide safety and security to your property and adding to the aesthetics of your home. Additionally, although it is almost impossible to breach, these grilles do not cut off air circulation altogether but give the rooms an open and airy quality. They allow light and fresh air to enter the living room but keep vandals and intruders away. They also prevent your pets or younger children from straying out when left unsupervised.

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