Concrete Core Drilling

Know About the Dynamics of Core Drilling

In modern times we get to see that core drilling has become quite renowned. Concrete coring which is also referred to as concrete core drilling refers to the process where there is a removal of the concrete cylinder away from the entire structure. There are a number of applications across many fields such as HVAC, electrical, manholes, drainage, and plumbing along with structural testing. Depending on what is exactly required various sizes can therefore be drilled.

What Is Concrete Coring?

When it comes to concrete coring, the entire process makes use of a diamond cutting drill which helps in cutting an impeccable round hole in any structure made out of concrete. The entire process is actually dust free, non-percussive and produces a minimal amount of sound. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be the most popular methods of cutting.

No matter what kind of angle it is, holes can be drilled anywhere, depending on the need. The angle can either be horizontal or vertical. Hydraulic or electrical rigs can therefore be used when it comes to the process of drilling in confined spaces or sensitive locations.

Understanding the Working of Core Drilling

The tool that is used in the process of core drilling comprises of a diamond shaped cutting end which is attached to a tube made out of steel. In majority of the cases we get to see that the rig is actually attached to the surface or the floor with the help of a bolt, anchor or even a vacuum seal that helps in stabilizing it.

When the process of drilling starts the cutter is then cooled with water that helps in the reduction of friction. The cutting process then gets completed after the slug is removed which in turn leaves for a hole without any kind of cosmetic damage after the care. It is better if a professional is hired for help.

The process of core drilling is quite popular used on a number of ceilings, walls and floors, whatever the situation might be. The entire process can be put to use in a number of different ways but it is majorly used during utility penetrations.

Core Drilling
Core Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling

One of the most popular methods under concrete coring is definitely diamond core drilling. When we take a look at diamond core drilling it refers to the process where the production method consists of a high speed drilling method in stone, concrete, asphalt or other masonry structures. It is not only quiet but also quite safe and fast. The machine provides heavy duty and is preferred by most companies. It does not lead to any major impact or damage to the surrounding structures which makes it one of the most popular choices when it comes to modern day concrete coring.

When we take a look at the modern market it is not surprising that one might find a number of drills out there. But majorly speaking there are three different kinds of drills that is found in the market in the present times. The first kind is the drilling machine which is lightweight in nature and therefore can be used in a hand held manner. It consists of a trigger button that is present on the handle itself.

Depending on what kind of job it is, the different kinds of equipment’s are selected as per the requirements. In order to understand the kind of drill that will be used on the job certain information is needed that will help in determining the equipment’s that will be perfectly suited for the requirements.

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