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How to Ensure Safety During Operation of Tower Crane?

The tower crane is an integral component of almost every construction project. Since it’s ratio of support distance and height is larger, ensuring optimal safety becomes inevitable. Though most of the safety regulations are managed by experienced operator but is there something that you can do for the same? You need to maintain some safety regulation to operate the tower crane and you should recruit a trained operator to operate the crane.

Things You Should Know About Crane Operations

Tower Crane
Tower Crane
  • Line Snapping and Load Falling: Because of the impressive height of crane, the probability of tight spaces and winds affecting loads increases leading to life threatening accidents and damage to goods. So you need to hire a trained operator to avoid such issue and they can easily operate the crane with all safety measurements.
  • Crane Collapse: If not operated properly then the crane might collapse causing injuries and affecting the construction site too. Even your crane can get damaged and you need to pay the maintenance cost in this regard.
  • Accidents due to lack of communication & awareness: Teamwork is the core of tower crane operations. Thus, without proper coordination between the team, the crane would be prone to mishandling. So you need to monitor the crane and you must regulate the safety measurements of the crane operation.

Checklist for Optimal Safety While Using Tower Crane

There are five essential elements that should be part of your checklist for safe and successful operation of tower crane in the site and these are discussed below.

  • Choose a suitable crane: As stated in the beginning, the height to support distance plays a critical role in the safe operation of crane. A good practice is to choose the ideal one in accordance with the height requirement that you have. This enables you to abide by the required safety standards.
  • Reliable crane operator: Having a crane operator is not enough, besides that you need to make sure that the professional specializes in tower crane and follows the precautionary steps for proper operations. Therefore, do make sure that you select a trained and qualified operator for the purpose.
  • Necessary inspection: Before the crane begins to operate, do conduct an in-depth inspection of the various parts, ensuring they are well-lubricated and are working the way they should.
  • Professional team for rescue: Not just the operator, pay attention towards the site supervisor and lift director too. It is the teamwork that will lead to effective operations, and if either one is unable to follow their responsibilities then the tower crane might pose a risk.

Why Count on Qualified Professionals for Safe Tower Crane Operations?

Tower Crane
Tower Crane

By now you must have realized that it is the experience, skill and dedication of professionals that lead to seamless operation. Therefore, when safety is a concern you need to consider the best professionals for the job. If you are hiring crane on rental, then you can ask whether the company offers operators for the tower crane or not. Most of the company offer an operator from their end and you can rely on their services.

The key areas that are focused by professionals include:

  • Planning and managing the lift operations of crane
  • Developing safe procedures for using the crane
  • Supervising the lifting process cautiously
  • Reviewing and examining the operation of tower crane

The professional rental companies are often equipped with competent operators who have been in the industry for years and are able to deliver their services in strict compliance with safety and health standards.

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