To Know About Different Types Of Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a rare kind of cancer which develops in the immune cell which basically is there in our body for fighting against the infections. Cancer itself is a dangerous as well as killer disease which can take place in anyone’s body irrespective of the age as well as gender and so everyone needs to be aware of this complication so far. The worst thing about cancer is that it is completely a cell related complication which means it takes place in the cell and as you already know that the human cell keep on growing and also breaking down which literally makes cancer spread way too fast and that is the reason that people need to treat it quick, as the more time would be wasted the more harder it would be to cure the complication. Cancer basically come in several stages and it is basically the time period as well as condition of the cancer and the survival rate of cancer depends upon the stages of the cancer and so it is important to identify the cancer early and start the treatment as soon as possible. If you are wondering about lymphoma then here is the non hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 3 survival rate as well as different types of lymphoma:

Different types of lymphoma:

Hodgkin lymphoma:

This is the rarest kind of lymphoma that takes place in the human body and are often identified by the Reed-Sternberg cells of the body. You would be surprised to know that there are total 6 different types of this disease and each type has some of the other characteristic of symptoms which makes it different from the other. This particular complication or cancerous cell can be present in the spleen, bone marrow, and skin, liver as well as in lungs and you may sometimes observe swollen gland which doesn’t hurt at much but the development of the gland would keep on growing. There are some people who are more likely to be affected by this complication such as:

If you are the one who undergone a medical condition which weakened your immune system way too much then there are chances that you develop this complication because of the simple reason that the cancer targets the immune cell and as the immunity system is already too weak so it fails to fight against the cancerous attack.


You would be stunned to know that the radiation therapy which is one of the most common treatments of cancer can even be the reason or cause of this kind of cancer and this happens because radiation makes the immune system way too much weak and recovery seems to be too difficult in this case.

The fortunate thing here is that the survival rate of this disease is 92 percentage and even if you would reach out to stage 4 then also there are more than 80 percent change that you would recover from this complication and as you already know that the with the increasing stage the survival rate decreases so it is very important to do for the treatment as soon as possible just to ensure quick as well as fast recovery of the complication.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma:

This complication of type of lymphoma seems to be the most common kind of lymphoma which takes place in human body and you would be surprised to know that there are about 61 types of this particular complication and each type shows up some or the other symptoms which is different from each other. It mainly takes place on the neck, armpit etc and often shows up a swollen gland which won’t hurt you at all but the area would be too much itchy and would keep on growing as well and the characteristics of the gland or node would be visible from outside of the skin as well.

Genes play an important role in this kind of cancer and if you have someone in your family who already suffered or is suffering from this complication then you are more likely to suffer from this complication and this place prevention won’t actually help but cure is the only way to get rid of the situation and at the same time staying healthy helps a lot in fighting the situation and it also ensures quick recovery from the problem.

There are mainly four stages of this cancer and if you are in the first year of this cancer then there are 92 percent chances that you would be cured soon and if you are in the middle then the survival rate decreases to 86 percent but still survival is possible but if you would hit the fourth stage then the survival rate would be the least but still with proper treatment you would be able to survive the complication.

These were some of the types as well as survival rate for lymphoma that you need to check out and also you can find more at Healthclubfinder.

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