Know all about psychometric assessment

These days, it has become important for organizations of all types to take the help of online tools and processes to simplify and quicken their recruitment methods. Recruiting candidates is no more a hassle or time taking process by using such well-selected tools that are easily available in the market. There are present both fee-based and free tools to be used. However, it is quite obvious that the free ones come with limited options and choices to make for. At the same time, the providers offering such tools can help their clients to get hold of the right type of recruitment tool, be it a standard or customized one.

Types of psychometric evaluations available

Basically, Psychometric Test can be found in three types. They are as follows:

  • Personality test: It is considered to be a crucial test. The candidates are provided with online questionnaire having multiple choice answers, from which they are to tick an answer that they feel right. In this test, there are no wrong or right answers. But based on such answers, the individual’s personality is judged. The other tool that is used Emotional Intelligence. It is used for identifying if the person possesses emotional competency or not. Through the answers offered by the candidate on this test, the recruiters are able to understand the following:
    • What type of emotions are present and how it can be managed?
    • How can the person use his feelings to guide his/her actions and thought process?
    • How to use emotions to motivate the individual and others surrounding him/her?
    • Aptitude test: These tests are stated to be mostly job specific. Hence the test names are quite similar to that of the job titles. The tests could be either specific or general. For instance, General Ability Test can be termed to be the combination of 4 different tests, namely:
      • Non-verbal ability
      • Spatial ability
      • Verbal ability
      • Numerical ability

The test results are also used to identify the individual’s general and specific abilities. The recruiters can provide this test to candidates applying for any position to check their mental reasoning power.

  • Ability test: In this form of test, the candidate’s ability to grasp any skill that will be required for the job is measured. The test also allows the employers to understand the following:
    • What can the candidate learn in the near future?
    • What is the candidate capable to learn at any point of time?

It is through the following tests that the individual’s broad skills are checked like:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Test

To carry out the above mentioned such assessments, different types of tests have been devised. The assessments that are based on theories tend to come with the different scoring system and approaches.

In short, the online recruitment assessments when carefully selected is sure to benefit the recruiter and the organization to select the best candidates from the interview process. At the same time, unfit candidates can eliminate in a polite manner.

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