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Discrete Methods of building a Joinery Cabinet

There are several methods of building joinery cabinets effectively. Joinery cabinets are those which are being made and then assemble together. First of all, you need to decide on what kind of look you want for your cabinet. You may opt to choose a cabinet with frames or a frameless cabinet. You would necessarily require developing the parts with the desired dimensions like the perfect length, width & thickness for each of the parts. Before developing the parts, it is necessary to clearly know how the cabinet would be assembled. Especially when you design the wall mounted cabinets, you need to design these cabinets separately and then assemble them accordingly.

Pocket Holes

Pocket hole is the easiest way to use and is very popularly adopted by the entry-level woodworkers for creating the joinery cabinets. The pocket holes are cost-effective and do not require a lot of accessories. All you need is a drill a pocket hole in your cabinets and then you can assemble them according to your needs. The best part is that the procedure is very easy to master. You need to ensure that the pocket hole jigs also include a clamp and you will necessarily require a flat and clean surface like a workbench to install your cabinets properly.

  • This method is very easy as well as a speedy one. Apart from that, there is a big advantage of using this method of the pocket hole for assembling your cabinets, and you can easily join two or more cabinets together with some pocket holes. This method is very useful as this makes the dimensioning of the cabinet completely simple. Each of these cabinets is required to join with one another in order to form a butt joint
  • The pocket hole joints are popularly being used in the face frame construction even though you use a separate method of construction is some different part of the same cabinet. For example, you can easily design a joinery cabinet with different materials, and you can attach a wooden cabinet with the metal one through their pocket holes.

There can be challenges to aligning one part with another. This often happens that a couple of the pieces are misaligned while using the pocket holes. This is due to the fact that the screws shift slightly while in the process of drilling them together. This is possible to overcome this particular challenge by utilizing the clamps or jig to keep the concerned pieces stationary while joining them.

Dados and grooves

Most of the professional cabinet builders utilize the pocket hole joints while creating the cabinet face frames. These can be great for the butt joints but the remaining of the cabinet assembly have to necessarily be done with the help of dados and grooves. Grooves here signify what they actually mean- a groove cut which is created out of wood. The grooves are usually cut wide and also deep enough in order to make them good enough to accept the adjacent pieces of wood. The grooves can be cut into a piece of wood with the help of a router or table saw. You should use the wood glue and screws to make the joinery cabinets strong and durable.

Joinery Cabinet
Joinery Cabinet

The entry-level woodworkers usually adopt the pocket hole procedure for building joinery cabinets.  Using the groove procedure can be a bit challenging for the entry-level woodworkers but the proficient cabinet builders very commonly use this procedure for building joinery cabinets. Now you can choose any one these methods according to your needs and you can discuss your requirements with the cabinet makers.

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