What to Expect After Coolsculpting Fat Removal

Coolsculpting is a fat freezing procedure in which controlled cooling is used to freeze your fat. It is an FDA approved and non-surgical procedure that eliminates stubborn fat cells that cannot be removed with diet and exercise. In technical terms, this procedure is known as Cryolipolysis. One session of this procedure can reduce fat cells in the targeted area by 20-25%. Anyway, if your doctor has given the nod and declared you the right candidate for this procedure, you are already aware of how this procedure works. So, we can skip that part and talk about after procedure expectations and recovery.

Understand the procedure

A better understanding of this procedure will help you in getting the best results. The doctor places a device on an area to freeze fat cells which are then removed naturally. It is not a painful procedure but you should expect some pressure on the targeted area. One coolsculpting session targeting one area is completed in around 35 minutes. This is done without using local anesthesia.

Expect swelling, redness and soreness

After the completion of the procedure, you will notice minor swelling and redness in the targeted area. This is pretty normal. Don’t be disappointed if you see no immediate results. It takes time. Let your body recover first and then you will see the results. Soreness and numbness in the treated area are also normal.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Do not slip into your favorite skinny jeans. Minor swelling is pretty common after the procedure. Wearing skinny jeans or any other tight clothing will cause discomfort. Buy new loose and comfortable clothes. You can stop wearing comfy stretch pants and shirts after your body has made a successful recovery.

Expect Nerve Twinges on Days 3-5

You will feel some nerve twings couple of days after the procedure. This happens due to the regeneration of nerve endings. We can say that things are getting back to normal. There is nothing serious to worry about. In case you feel that something is wrong, see your doctor.

It takes time to recover

You will see minor changes in the third week. However, the most dramatic changes will begin to appear 2-4 months later. Frozen fat cells are dead but still in your body. Let your body flush out these dead fat cells. It will take up to 6 months after the treatment. Stay well hydrated.

Listen to your body

The doctor has already made you aware of the possible side-effects and complications. In case you are concerned due to any reason, contact your doctor and tell about the symptoms.

Expect long-term results

Those stubborn fat cells are gone for good. Although this procedure brings long-term results, you can maintain the results of fat removal in Atlanta with CoolSculpting if you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Exercise regularly.

This procedure kills and removes fat cells. However, it cannot stop fat cells from making a comeback. You can gain weight again if your lifestyle is unhealthy. It is not one of those weight loss solutions. It is a fat removal procedure.

Find an expert offering CoolSculpting for fat removal in Atlanta.

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