Linux Dedicated Server Hosting – The First Choice Hosting Option for Any Organisation

Linux dedicated server hosting provides the best hosting solution for their customers, who are generally big business companies or large-scale industries. The E commerce houses also prefer to opt for Linux Dedicated Server Hosting service as this entire group of users look for top level reliability and robust dedicated servers, at an affordable cost, for the hosting of their business websites. The Linux dedicated server hosting service is fully managed service, exclusively designed to provide profit growth to the businesses of their customers. This Linux dedicated server hosting service helps in improving the business performance of their customers, by accommodating the increasing needs of the server, as per growth of their businesses.

About Linux

Linux is an open source operating system. It is modelled on Unix. Linux is an operating system that can be used in desktop computers, smart phones, gaming consoles or readers of e books. Linux is a robust operating system. It is also a highly scalable and flexible operating system. Linux operating system is most suitable for programming. Linux is used as a development platform by many of the client companies.


Advantages of Linux operating system

  • Linux is an open source operating system, using open source technology.
  • Linux can be downloaded and changed by any user.
  • Linux offers a wide range of options to its users.
  • Linux offers an increased security.
  • All security flaws are identified in Linux before they can become a public issue.

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting service working on Linux operating system provides such a hosting solution to its customers, which is capable of managing unlimited web site visitors traffic. Linux dedicated server hosting offers full root access to all its customers, to have full control over their Linux dedicated server. This Linux dedicated server provides a very fast speed with the high level of security, for providing high business growth to its clients. This Linux dedicated server is capable of providing top level performance even while handling heavy loads. This Linux dedicated server gets installed very quickly and easily, providing a worry-free performance to the client.

Benefits of Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

  • This service of Linux dedicated server hosting can support a large variety of Linux operating systems.
  • Linux dedicated server hosting can integrate cPanel and WHM Web Control.
  • The client of Linux Dedicated Server Hosting has full root access, having full control over the server.
  • Linux dedicated hosting provides server protection with Firewall.
  • Linux dedicated server hosting supports Apache, MySQL, PHP etc.
  • Linux dedicated server hosting service offers a variety of plans with different pricing, to suit the budget of every user.

Linux Dedicated Hosting Plans

There are multiple service provider companies, providing different Linux Dedicated Hosting Plans to its users, to suit their business needs and financial budget. These plans are from a low budget plan to a high budget plan, depending on the level of performance the service provides.

DialWebHosting, the leading Linux Dedicated Hosting Service providing company offers Linux dedicated server hosting plans, which prove to be the most suitable hosting option for any organisation. Customers have a wide range of web hosting plans and solutions to select from DialWebHosting, as per their business requirements.

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