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Role Of Site Architecture In SEO Services

Get aware of the importance of the right site architecture in the digital marketing service in Gold Coast and why to hire the right SEO agency in Gold Coast.

There are several On-Page and off-page factors and another essential aspect is the site architecture.  An experienced company for internet marketing in Gold Coast will tell you how the right site structure can help SEO efforts to bring faster results. A wrong kind of architecture for the site can create a problem for the efforts in Gold Coast search engine optimization. One should get in touch with a professional web designer and SEO agency in Gold Coast to get the best results online and make sure that the site architecture is in place.

What makes a good site Architecture

There are several aspects that point out if the site architecture is in good shape or not and how it can aid in Gold Coast SEO services.

Search engines need to “crawl” websites and should be able to from one page to another at a fast rate. Good architecture can make the crawling easy and help rank the page better. The number of pages gets stored in what’s called an “index,” the massive book of the web. The search engine flips through this indexed book when someone searches and finds all the relevant pages. The best ones are shown first and at the top. Get in touch with the right Gold Coast digital agency for your needs and who understands those crawling issues.

Most sites don’t have crawling issues generally, but there are other aspects that can cause problems. For example, a web page carrying JavaScript or Flash can hide links, and those links remain hidden from search engines. This can lead to the actual words on pages to be hidden and impact the crawling factor negatively. Every webpage or site is given a crawl budget, based on the relative and authority of a site.

It is the approximate number of or pages or amount of time a search engine will crawl each day. The bigger sites often try to improve their crawl efficiency by ensuring that the ‘right’ pages are crawled more often. Gold Coast SEO experts make use of robots.txt and internal link structures that guide the search engines specifically to not to crawl pages with certain URL parameters. The purpose is to improve the crawl efficiency and work on the site architecture.

It is always a good practice to use sitemaps as well as both HTML and XML in the site architecture so as to make it easy for the search engines to crawl your site. A competent SEO company is well aware of those issues and works on the site keeping the SEO aspects in mind and is careful about the site structure so that the site architecture doesn’t get hampered in any way.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that a search engine friendly design is also human-friendly. Thus, the website and the content within should be made for humans and not just the search engines. Look for the right digital marketing service in Gold Coast who can help you achieve your online targets and understands your targeted audience.

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