Best Instagram Beauty Trends of 2017

If you’ve scrolled through the trending section on YouTube or Instagram, you’ve likely seen all the women (and some men) reviewing beauty products and doing makeup tutorials.

Many of these social media stars have made a living off reviewing beauty products, receiving freebies from skincare brands, and collaborating with makeup companies to start their own lines of makeup. One report estimates a top beauty influencer can make $150,000 per Instagram post while a “lower-end” influencer might make $5,000 per post.

Many of these beauty influencers have taken care to vary their routines. This means one week they’ll do a tutorial with high-end or luxury makeup, i.e. products many of us couldn’t justify buying, and the next, they’ll tell you about the best cosmetics they found in the drug store that are worth the buy.

The best thing about their social media posts is they tell you exactly what they’ve used, making it easier for you to find those cosmetics and beauty products online. Plus, you’ll learn lots of awesome makeup tricks and skincare hacks.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson goes beyond her celebrity lookalike makeup videos to provide her audience with skincare routines, travel and study tips, and healthy recipes. She doesn’t hide her imperfections from her audience; in fact, she shows them outright what they are. Her videos come off as genuine which is why her audience loves her so much.

Jess Bunty

Jess Bunty is not your typical beauty blogger; she has struggled with terrible acne since she was a teenager. Knowing there were millions of other people in the world who struggled with managing acne, she took to YouTube with makeup tips for covering up acne and homemade recipes for helping reduce redness and pimples. Her videos are relatable for basically anyone who went through being a teenager.


Katrina Maree

Katrina primarily focuses on creating makeup looks for everyday use and some special occasions like graduation. She’ll also sprinkle in videos about decorative home items she’s bought. Her claim to fame is her video called Liquid Eyeliner for Dummies which has over 3.4 million views. Katrina’s focus on everyday makeup use is what makes her a hit with her fans.

Lauren Curtis

Lauren is a go-to resource for her fan base for a makeup look for any type of occasion. She provides a healthy mix of go-to looks that work for most skin tones to edgier takes on classic looks. Lauren also provides discount codes on all her videos to various makeup brush brands and online makeup stores.

Shani Grimmond

Shani’s videos are a mix of makeup, skincare, and telling you exactly what she’s thinking. Amid her makeup tutorials and reviews, you’ll find videos of her pranking her dad, explaining why she wants a boob job and commiserating over how crappy life can be when she and her boyfriend broke up. She has a great sense of humor throughout her videos, and you’ll always leave with a smile on your face.

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